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Minnesota Wild Logo

Minnesota Wild Logo
Minnesota Wild Logo PNG

Minnesota Wild is a professional ice hockey team that plays in the National Hockey League. She is a member of the Western Conference and competes with the Central Division. The club was formed on June 25, 1997, and is based in St. Paul, Minnesota, where it plays at the home stadium of the Xcel Energy Center. It is recognized as the first NHL franchise in the region.

Meaning and History

Minnesota Wild Logo History
Evolution of the Minnesota Wild Logo

Even though this hockey team appeared at the end of the 90s of the last century, it started to compete much later. The athletes played their first season in 2000, which is why it is considered the date of the team’s official appearance. It is currently owned by Craig Leipold and managed by Bill Guerin. Dean Evason temporarily trains hockey players.

Since its inception, the franchise has not moved anywhere and rarely revised the concept, which was reflected in the brand symbolism. The emblem remained almost unchanged, with rare exceptions when modern adaptation to various media was required. Good visibility, artistry, and ease of perception are their main requirements, reflected in the logo’s current version. In general, for the entire period of the club’s existence, he only once redesigned the logo.

2000 – 2013

Minnesota Wild Logo 2000-2013

Between these seasons, the franchise used a debut version. Since it is named “Wild” and Minnesota is rich in woodlands, the emblem was based on a landscape with conifers. Tall spruce trees with triangular silhouettes emphasize the sharpness of the athletes’ character and their aspiration for victory.

The logo features intertwined trees: green at the bottom, red at the top. They are combined so that they constitute two background spaces: a crimson mountain range and a wild green forest. Although the elements do not merge in color, they form a single picture, where everything is inextricably linked with each other.

A logo is a landscape drawing that plays the role of visual deception, an illusion. It appears to be a round yellow moon, but it is the ear of a beast. A bright shooting star is visible above, but it turns out that this is an animal’s eye. You look at the stream running away into the distance, but you realize that this is the gaping mouth of a predator.

Camouflage is present in everything – even in the outline since the emblem shows the head of a huge bear with a medium-wide beige edging. Right above it is the word-combination “Minnesota Wild,” made in the form of an arch.

2013 – present

Minnesota Wild Logo 2013-present

In 2013, the first and only logo redesign was undertaken. Because the hockey club suits everything in it: mystery, originality, artistry, and double meaning. The latter means the presence of diversity in the brand symbolism.

The first thing that catches your eye is the landscape, reflecting the Minnesota forest expanses. But the second is much more important – a contour element in the form of a wild beast found in the local slums. All this remained unchanged after the revision of the logo. Only the inscription at the top disappeared because the team decided to focus on the drawing by enlarging the main symbol – the head of an angry bear.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Minnesota Wild Emblem

The logo features both a beautiful row of trees and a silhouette of a wild animal. The role of the eye is played by the North Star, always shining brightly in the firmament. In recognition of athletes, it is a tribute to the hockey club Minnesota North Stars, which moved from Minnesota to Dallas and received a new name – Dallas Stars. The star on the emblem reflects the athletes’ motto “L’ร‰toile du Nord,” which translates from French as “The Star of the North.” That is, their team is the only star in the northern region.

Despite the stylishness and showiness, experts consider the logo difficult and incomprehensible for North American professional sports. They argue that behind the sharp-angled trees, a round moon, a five-pointed star with elongated rays, and a winding stream, the team’s audacity is poorly visible, conveyed in the obscure contours of a wild beast of an incomprehensible breed.

Minnesota Wild Symbol

There is no text in the modern version of the logo because the main emphasis is on the image. But in the previous version, there is an inscription. It was performed in the upper register with a chopped grotesque. Additional written symbols can be different, including handwritten with a slight tilt.

The franchise’s official colors include four shades: yellow, gold (Minnesota Wheat and Harvest Gold), green (Forest Green), and red (Iron Range Red). There is also white, which serves as their background.