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New York Rangers Logo

New York Rangers Logo
New York Rangers Logo PNG

The New York Rangers are a New York City-based professional ice hockey team. The franchise was established in 1926 and did not change this name throughout its history. The founder of the group was George Lewis Rickard, the owner of Madison Square Garden. George Lewis Rickard (nicknamed “Tex”) was born in Kansas City, Missouri, but he spent his green years in Texas, where his parents had moved when he was a child. New Yorkers owe Rickard not only the Rangers but also their arena.

The U.S. economic boom of the 1920s led to the rapid growth of constructing offices, factories, and homes. Since old Madison Square Garden had not much financial success, the New York Insurance Company decided to tear it down to make way for a new headquarters building. Rickard, a successful boxing promoter, managed to organize a syndicate to build a new arena with the old name.

Initially, the arena was home for the New York Americans, or the Amerks, the first professional ice hockey team in New York City. Rickard wanted to take a closer look at the new game and decide whether to invest his capital in this business or not. The Amerks proved to be greater than expected, so Rickard decided to invest in his team instead of promoting the New York Americans. In 1926, the National Hockey League granted a new franchise to George Rickard. Soon the Amerks were eclipsed by the New York Rangers, which have long captured Manhattan’s inhabitants’ hearts and minds.

Rickard did not have painful doubts about team uniforms. As a true Texan, he knew that there couldn’t be much patriotism in a megalopolis like the Big Apple, so the team color scheme includes blue, white, and red, in other words, the colors of the American flag. As for the team’s name, journalists called it Tex’s Rangers. Tex’s Rangers sound the same as Texas Rangers. Texas Rangers Division is a U.S. law enforcement agency with statewide jurisdiction in Texas. Of course, the original name had nothing to do with New York, but the pun was pretty funny.

The Rangers made their debut in 1926, wearing blue jerseys with white and red stripes and a white-scripted “RANGERS” wordmark in diagonal. Their classic sweater has been in use since the franchise’s foundation, with several alterations. The Rangers were the first American team to win the Stanley Cup. In the 1928 Stanley Cup Finals, the New York Rangers managed to defeat the Montreal Maroons 3-2.

The Rangers shield logo has been the same all these years, with slight alterations to its design.

Meaning and History

New York Rangers Logo History
Evolution of the New York Rangers Logo

The New York Rangers are among the oldest professional hockey teams, fortunate to have the aura that comes with being an Original Six franchise. However, their logo has been remarkably consistent throughout its more than 90-year history. George Lewis Rickard suggested using a logo that closely matches the rivals’ symbols – the New York Americans hockey team, which began playing in the same arena a year earlier. The version adopted in 1927 is still in use today: it has undergone few changes, or rather, almost none. Having received the shape of a shield, it still looks like this. In total, the franchise has eight logo options.

1927 – 1935

New York Rangers Logo 1927-1935

The club’s first owner was George Lewis Rickard, known as a boxing promoter and president of Madison Square Garden. The designer made the New York Rangers logo very similar to their rivals, the New York Americans. It had a shield shape and featured red, blue, and white colors. The “New York” wordmark was placed over a horizontal blue stripe on top of the shield. The team’s name “Rangers” could be seen on a diagonal stripe. The logo had a red triangular at the top left corner and a white field at the bottom right corner.

1936 – 1947

New York Rangers Logo 1936-1947

In 1936, the team updated the color scheme making both the shade of red and blue a bit darker and nobler. The โ€œRangersโ€ wordmark was scripted in red instead of white. The logo was trimmed with an outer white border. Otherwise, this logo was identical to their first one.

1947 – 1952

New York Rangers Logo 1947-1952

The 1948 redesign was a more profound one. Not only the shades were modified, by the shield itself acquired a different shape โ€“ its structure was based on a rectangular now. The New York Rangers logo was outlined with an outer blue border.

1953 – 1967

New York Rangers Logo 1953-1967

In 1954, the New York Rangers logo got even closer to the rectangular structure. In contrast with the previous version, the rectangular was positioned horizontally. The outer blue frame became thinner and bolder. But there were no significant alterations to the design.

1968 – 1970

New York Rangers Logo 1968-1970

From 196-1978, the logoโ€™s wordmarks had a thinner font to them, the white space in the outer border was reduced, and the overall shield looked slightly narrower, but those were the only differences. The teamโ€™s name โ€œNew York Rangersโ€ was scripted in white and remained in the same positions.

1971 – 1977

New York Rangers Logo 1971-1977

In 1971, the New York Rangers logo was updated again. Here they reduce the font height in words New York and Rangers. The color scheme remains the same. The rim of the red triangle is changed to white lines.

1978 – 1998

New York Rangers Logo 1978-1998

For thirty years, the Rangers logo has not changed. The alterations of the 1978 design were not significant. The color scheme was changed to lighter shades of red and softer blue. The shield and wordmarks have remained untouched.

1999 – present

New York Rangers Logo 1999-Present

The New York Rangers emblem was updated slightly in 1999. Its configuration is closer to a wide rectangle with elements of a medieval fortress wall. On the “defensive structure,” figured indentations are visible – the so-called “dovetail” (an architectural term). This element emphasizes the club’s connection with history, its antiquity, and its inaccessibility to any opponents.

The main part of the logo is diagonally divided into three zones. Above there is a red triangle, in the middle – the word “Rangers,” below – a white element, close to a triangle in shape. Above them, the inscription “New York” is beaten with a white line. There are two stripes along the perimeter of the sign – wide white and thin blue.

Font and color of the Emblem

New York Rangers emblem

The first two versions of the New York Rangers logo resembled a knight’s shield with an element of the royal crown at the top. But in 1947, designers changed its shape, making it much wider, so it looks like a heraldic sign of some famous dynasty. The structure of the emblem has remained standard for several decades in a row. Its content does not change either: any adjustments are associated with the evolution of the shape of the “fortress wall” in the upper part and the change in red and blue shades.

New York Rangers symbol

The inscriptions are made in a typeface from the Sans Serif series. The letters are chopped, smooth, grotesque. They are ranked with an optimal distance from each other – the gap between them is not narrow, but not wide, just suitable for the name’s visual perception. Moreover, the word “Rangers” is located diagonally and is read from top to bottom.

The logo features all the team’s official colors. One of them is white. It is used for the bottom triangle, lettering, and border. The other two are from the hex category: red # C8102E (top triangle) and blue # 0038A8 (background for words and stroke).