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The Anastasia Beverly Hills logo is sophisticated and graceful. The emblem has royal regalia and the lightness of butterflies as an indication of the arrows of the eyebrows flying up and giving the face an aristocratic and attractive look.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Brand overview

Founder:Anastasia Soare
Beverly Hills, California, United States

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a popular American perfume company and beauty salon. Its main line of business is eyebrow correction and eyebrow care products. Beginning as a beautician, the Romanian immigrant developed the rules of perfect arches and built an entire empire on this knowledge, whose clients include Cindy Crawford, the Kardashian sisters, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, and others.

Meaning and History

Anastasia Beverly Hills Logo History

Symmetry, beauty, and balance form the basis of the company’s emblems. The main merits of the company are conveyed through the graceful lines and curls. The print theme plays on the idea of a quality mark, achieving perfection and harmony by creating the right eyebrow line. Each logo hints at the brand’s star customers, which attracts even more customers to the brand. The brand makes every fan feel like a queen. The company’s sign evidence this magic.

What is Anastasia Beverly Hills?

An eyebrow products company founded in Beverly Hills in 1997. It sells about 500 kinds of cosmetics in 2,000 stores in 25 countries.

1997 – 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Logo 1997

The emblem consists of a seal and a signature. Both parts of the sign are very airy, light, and elegant. At the very center is a circle with an inscribed composition representing the abbreviation of the company name AVN. All three letters are encoded in a single image, resembling:

  • A crowned butterfly.
  • A princess in a cloak.
  • The heart of a flower.

The pictures are full of femininity and beauty and point to the company’s high position—her rise to the top. The image also looks like a chess king, emphasizing the superiority over competitors and the quality of the products. The use of multiple arcs in the design hints at the eyebrows and cosmetics for the correction for which the brand is famous.

Below the print, the name is placed on two levels. On the first is Anastasia, after the Romanian beautician Anastasia Soare, who founded the company. In the word waves, instead of crossbones, A resembles the shape of eyebrows.

Below in smaller letters is Beverly Hills, as the place of foundation. This inscription also indicates a high status because famous Hollywood stars use the brand’s products.

2015 – today

Anastasia Beverly Hills Logo

By 2015, Anastasia creates an online account for the company, contributing to its growing popularity. As a result, the brand logo undergoes an update. The red and pink colors are gone from it. The words Beverly Hills gets a smaller, straighter, and slimmer font, which reduces the emphasis on the base location. After all, the products are available worldwide. Otherwise, the image remains the same.

Font and Colors

The primary color of the logo is black. It matches the colors to form beautiful brow arcs. Shows the confident position of the brand among competitors. Demonstrates clarity, geometric calculation, and solid lines.

Two fonts are used in the sign. For the word Anastasia – ITC Souvenir Light. However, with stylized A bars resembling the curves of the eyebrows. The base spot is written Westmount Extra Light.

Anastasia Beverly Hills color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C