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“Oriflame branded cosmetics are a great choice,” proclaims the emblem. A balanced composition Oriflame logo will gently emphasize the dignity of the buyer’s skin and help make the features more expressive and memorable.

Oriflame: Brand overview

Founded: 1967
Founder: Jonas af Jochnick, Robert af Jochnick, Bengt Hellsten
Stockholm, Sweden
Website: oriflame.com
Oriflame is a Swiss multi-level network marketing company. She is engaged in beauty products’ direct sales, including perfumery, skincare products, and makeup. The brand was formed in Sweden in 1967 by a group of entrepreneurs: Jonas af Jochnick, Robert af Jochnick, and Bengt Hellsten. Today its headquarters are located in Schaffhausen (Switzerland).

Meaning and History

Oriflame Logo History

During its long existence, the Oriflame Holding AG visual identification mark has gone through five stages of change. They are mainly concerned with the styling of the word “Oriflame.” Now the minimalistic version is used.

What is Oriflame?

Oriflame is a holding company from Sweden specializing in multi-level marketing. It sells decorative and care cosmetics, perfumes, and fashion accessories. It was founded in 1967 by Bengt Hellsten, Robert, and Jonas Jochnick. One office is located in Stockholm, and another is in Schaffhausen.

1967 – 1977

Oriflame Logo 1967-1977

The Swedish cosmetics brand started with a logo that featured both text and graphics. The inscription consisted of not one but two parts: at the top was the word “Oriflame,” below it – “International.” This meant that the company was initially focused on international sales. The letters were printed, with the original serifs pointing to the left. At the top, the designers have placed a monogram – a vignette made up of three symbols. It featured two mirrored “Fs” made by hand and one “O” that served as their background.

1978 – 1998

Oriflame Logo 1978-1998

For several decades, the company used the italic logo – simple, as if written in careless handwriting. The name was rapidly going up the diagonal. The cursory handwriting testified to a high emotional outburst because the symbols did not have clear outlines, but were coherent, merged into an inseparable whole. Beneath the caption was a bold line in the same black color as the word “Oriflame.”

1999 – 2003

Oriflame Logo 1999-2003

In 1999, the cosmetic brand switched to printed signs. The designers have converted them to lower case but retained the same features. The letter “o” was left with an open circle with overlapping lines, “f” looked like a smooth vertical bend, the top rounding “a” did not converge to the end, and the point above “i” was located higher than usual. The subscript is also preserved: it has become one long line with a bulge in the center. Instead of black, a deep blue appeared.

2004 – 2010

Oriflame Logo 2004-2010

The main focus was on typography, so some symbols were changed. So, the developers have removed the lower tail from “f,” making it more classic. The sharp edges at the ends disappeared, and a marketing clarification appeared below the line: “natural swedish cosmetics.” It was done in lowercase letters. The only thing that has survived is the trademark “o” in the form of an open ring.

2011 – today

Oriflame Logo 2011-present

The current logo is rigorous itself. It consists of a title typed in a classic capital sans serif. It has an original design emphasizing the letter “O.” The sign is made in the form of an open circle as if it were a massage movement along the contour of the face. In this way, the manufacturer emphasized the connection with cosmetic products. There is a wide space between the letters, so the inscription looks airy and light despite the bold lines and black color. All symbols are straight, geometric, with even corners. The designers divided the long line into two thin stripes and raised them to the word “Sweden.” They also returned the emblem to black.

Font and Colors

Oriflame Emblem

The emblem uses two types of typefaces. The first letter in the word “Oriflame” is made in the printed font of the same name, the rest – symbols from the Sans Serif category. Moreover, “O” plays the role of an individual sign. The letter-spacing in both inscriptions is wide. The corporate palette is monochrome and represents the classic combination of black (letters) and white (background). There is also a dark gray used for the word “SWEDEN” and its surrounding strokes.

Oriflame Symbol

Oriflame color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C