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The emblem’s image is filled with naturalness as if fresh grass is growing next to the symbols. At the same time, the Lakme logo contains elements of style, indicating the high quality of the company’s cosmetics and their suitability for professional care.

Lakme: Brand overview

Lakme is a well-known brand from India that produces all kinds of cosmetics. It was founded in 1952 by J.R.D. Tata and Simone Tata. Initially, the manufacturer was entirely a part of Tata Oil Mills (Tomco) and was its subsidiary. Today, it belongs to another representative of the fashionable cosmetic industry – Hindustan Unilever.

Meaning and History

Lakme Logo History

The brand is named after the eponymous French opera, and its name, in turn, is reflected in the logo: its style is elegant and refined. Over the course of its existence, the brand has changed its logo several times. However, the logo count started in 1996 when the Lakme brand was sold to Lever HUL and established itself at the international level. Then, in 2011, a radical reboot began, expanding the range and entering new markets.

What is Lakme?

Lakme is an Indian cosmetic company with a global name. It was founded in 1952 by Tata Oil Mills and was its subsidiary. Later, it was spun off and became an independent brand. J.R. Tata and Simone Tata did this. In 1998, the company was acquired by the cosmetic giant Hindustan Unilever.

1996 – 2011

Lakme Logo 1996-2011

The personalized sign of that time was incredibly concise: it consisted of the brand name, styled with a wide spacing of letters. The symbols were simple and slender, executed in a classic style. The logo predominantly featured a dark purple color.

2011 – 2019

Lakme Logo 2011-2019

The main logo is a modified repetition of the previous version. The letters are compressed in width, with minimal spacing from each other. On the outside, all corners are softened and rounded; on the inside, they are sharp.

2019 – today

Lakme Logo 2019-present

Now, the logo looks like a stylish inscription with decorative elements. In particular, the letter “A” has an individual design: instead of a central bar, a pointed stroke is used. It is positioned diagonally and divides the letter into two parts. According to the cosmetic company’s concept, it is hair, indicating the purpose of its products. All signs have uneven thickness: they harmoniously combine narrow and wide segments. Under the brand name, its motto appeared: “Inspired Haircare”. The phrase is written in thin black characters in the same style as the text above.

Lakme: Interesting Facts

Lakmé is a famous makeup brand from India that started in 1952. J.R.D created it. Tata was a big business leader because Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru wanted a beauty brand for Indian women that didn’t rely on buying foreign products. The brand got its name from “Lakmé,” a French opera about Lakshmi, a goddess symbolizing wealth in Hindu stories. Here’s what makes Lakmé special:

  1. Starting Out: Lakmé was the first in India to make makeup for Indian women, thinking about what works best for their skin, the weather in India, and what they like.
  2. Always Creating New Things: Lakmé constantly develops new skincare and makeup products. They were among the first to create products for Indian weather and skin types.
  3. Fashion Shows: Lakmé is not just about makeup; it also helps with fashion. Since 1999, it has hosted Lakmé Fashion Week, a big fashion event showcasing new and famous designers from India and worldwide.
  4. Joining with Unilever: In 1996, Unilever bought Lakmé. This helped Lakmé improve its products and reach more people.
  5. Salons: Lakmé also has beauty salons all over India where people can go for different beauty services.
  6. Beauty School: They even started a Lakmé Academy to teach people how to do well with makeup, hairstyling, and skincare.
  7. Cool Campaigns: Lakmé works with fashion designers, makeup artists, and famous people to stay trendy and to inspire people with new beauty ideas.
  8. Trying Online: Thanks to their cool technology, you can try Lakmé products online to see how they look on you before you buy them.
  9. Caring for the Planet: Lakmé is working on being kinder to the environment using eco-friendly practices and packaging.

Lakmé has been a big part of making makeup and beauty a big deal in India. It’s known for its quality, for always coming up with new ideas, and for understanding what people in India want from their beauty products.

Font and Colors

Lakme Emblem

The personal symbolism of the trademark is concise: it contains the company’s name. There is also a graphic image, which can be presented separately. It is a circle with a stylized letter “L” the size of the background.

Lakme Symbol

For the inscription, a sans-serif font was chosen – grotesque, smooth, without serifs. On the outside, the signs are thin and slightly rounded at the corners. They are executed in uppercase. The color palette is simple and consists of black and white, although a dark purple was used in the early version.

Lakme color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C