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The Dove logo symbolizes the lightness and softness of the brand’s cosmetics. The brand’s products are reminiscent of gentle silk. This care is evident in the symbols of the emblem. Ingredients used in production gently cleanse, nourish, and moisturize the skin.

Dove: Brand overview

Dove is a globally recognized brand for facial, body, and hair care products. It produces cosmetic and hygiene products ranging from soap to deodorants. Its range includes a women’s line (basic), a men’s line (Dove Men+Care), and a children’s line (Baby Dove). The brand was founded in the USA in 1955 and is a subsidiary of Unilever Corporation. Today, its products are among the most affordable in the world and cater to a wide range of consumers.

Meaning and History

Dove Logo History

The logo of the toiletries brand has always been distinguished by refined elegance. It consists of two parts: graphic and textual. The first is the name in italics, and the second is an image of an elongated dove from the Columbidae family. The main elements of the logo were developed in the year the company was founded and have reached our days almost unchanged. They have retained the style, color scheme, personal sign, and original idea. The logo has undergone three minor redesigns over the years.

The blue-white-gold palette symbolizes the gentleness and luxury that the brand carefully conveys to consumers. The image of the dove also speaks of this – an embodiment of peace, loyalty, and love. The logo was created by artist Ian Brignell, a renowned designer specializing in fonts, branding, and lettering. He has worked on logos for companies such as Budweiser, Smirnoff, Coors Banquet, Western, and many others.

What is Dove?

Dove is one of the many brands of Unilever PLC. It was founded in 1957 in the USA. Its range primarily includes toiletries, including skin care cosmetics, detergents, and deodorants. The products are intended for adults and children of both genders.

1955 – 1969

Dove Logo 1955-1969

The debut Dove logo appeared in 1955. It features a balanced blue background with the name in white italics. The top half is colored gold, and in the right corner of the field is a stylized dove. The bird looks to the left and is drawn as if flapping its wings at that moment. This version was used for 15 years and became the basis for the current emblem, which has become recognizable worldwide.

1969 – 2004

Dove Logo 1969-2004

In 1969, the brand’s design was changed. The developers retained the mood, style, and elegance. They also kept the color scheme, simply changing the shades: the word “Dove” was made blue, and the dove gold. The letters were replaced with wider ones, and the loop connector of the lowercase “v” was removed.

The background was replaced with a minimalist white to make the elements stand out sharply and brightly. Additionally, the artists drew the bird more elegantly and radically turned it to the right. The font remained the same, slightly adjusting its design, as the main focus is now on the richness of color. This logo variant lasted 35 years.

2004 – 2012

Dove Logo 2004-2012

The next logo change occurred in 2004, before the brand’s milestone anniversary. The design change was undertaken to show that the brand is constantly evolving, renewing, and improving. For this, the representatives retained the previous color scheme but adjusted the tones. As a result, the dove appeared in a gradient version with a tonal transition, creating a three-dimensional effect. Additionally, white was added to the gold color, increasing the brightness and dynamism of the drawing.

The position of the bird also changed: it is now not above the name but below it – exactly in the center. The inscription also transformed, although slightly. The word “Dove” is written in a thin lowercase font, except for the first letter, which is capitalized according to grammar rules. The lines became smooth, with neat, uniform contours. The designers modernized the letter “v”: added a smoothed angle and completely removed the upper connecting loop.

2012 – today

Dove Logo 2012-present

The current logo of the cosmetic brand appeared in 2012. It was created based on the previous version, so the changes in it were minimal. The developers slightly elongated the letter “D,” making the name look more refined, and making the letter “E” smoother. The color of the dove was changed, removing the excessive steel shine, which made the gold perceive several tones.

Dove: Interesting Facts

Dove is a brand that makes things like soap, lotion, and shampoo. It’s part of a big company called Unilever. Dove has done a lot of interesting things since it started in 1957.

  1. Starting Out: Dove made a big splash with soap and moisturizing cream, so it doesn’t dry out your skin like other soaps.
  2. “Real Beauty” Campaign: In 2004, Dove started showing ads with women of all different looks, breaking the usual idea of beauty. This got people talking all over the world about what beauty means.
  3. Helping With Confidence: Dove also helps young people feel good about their appearance with the Dove Self-Esteem Project. They’ve reached millions of kids and teens, teaching them to be confident.
  4. Caring for the Planet: Dove is working to be better for the environment by using recycled bottles and trying to use less new plastic.
  5. No Animal Testing: Dove doesn’t test its products on animals, and PETA gave it a special thumbs-up.
  6. Products for Men: In 2010, Dove started making products for men, showing they also care about their skin and hair.
  7. Scholarships: Dove gives scholarships to young women to help them study and learn more about confidence, body image, and the media.
  8. Smart Science: Dove’s products are good at moisturizing because of some smart science and technology they use.
  9. Known Everywhere: Dove is sold in many countries, making it a big name in personal care. People like it because it tries to show beauty in many different ways.
  10. Fighting Fake Images: Dove is against using computer tricks to change how people look in ads. They promise to show people just as they are.

Dove is not just about selling soap and shampoo; it’s also about making people feel good about themselves, taking care of the planet, and showing that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Font and Colors

Dove Emblem

The main element of the logo is the dove. It fits perfectly into the brand’s concept, as it represents purity, beauty, and lightness. But if initially it was a rather heavy bird, now it has become weightless. Along with it, the color evolved from standard white to beige-gold with bright highlights. Each variant also contains the brand name.

Dove Symbol

Despite all variations of the word “Dove,” different fonts are used in the emblems, despite the apparent identity of all variants of the word. The capital letter “D” resembles Rigaer Tango, and “ove” – Atlantic Sans Italic. However, the inscription has the most in common with Civita Light Italic, a font developed by Dieter Hofrichter. The closest free variant is TribunADFStd-Italic. The color palette consists of a combination of ocean blue (letters), beige-gold (bird), and white (background).

Dove color codes

Dark Midnight BlueHex color:#003777
RGB:0 55 119
CMYK:100 54 0 53
Pantone:PMS 288 C
Satin Sheen GoldHex color:#cb9e45
RGB:203 158 69
CMYK:0 22 66 20
Pantone:PMS 7563 C


What does the Dove logo mean?

The golden bird in the logo is a dove, a traditional symbol of peace. It symbolizes purity, gentleness, and love, corresponding to the Dove company’s concept, as its products are created with care for health and beauty.

What does the Dove soap logo look like?

The Dove soap packaging features the brand’s main logo, which contains its name in blue and a golden silhouette of a bird. The soap itself has the bird engraved only on two sides, and the inscription is absent.

What font is used in the Dove logo?

The basis of Dove’s typography is an italic font: TribunADFStd-Italic, Civita Light Italic, and Atlantic Sans Italic. The unique letter “D” is akin to the Rigaer Tango font.