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The Dove logo is the lightness and softness that the brand’s cosmetics give. The brand’s products are like delicate silk. Care is visible in the symbols of the emblem. In production, ingredients are used that gently cleanse, nourish and moisturize.

Dove: Brand overview

Founded: March 8, 1957
Founder: Unilever
United States
Dove is a world-famous brand of face, body, and hair care products. She is engaged in producing cosmetic and hygiene products of a wide range – from soaps to deodorants. Its list includes the women’s line (primary), men’s (Dove Men + Care), and children (Baby Dove). The brand was founded in the USA in 1955 and is a subsidiary of Unilever Corporation. Today his products are among the most inexpensive in the world and are aimed at a wide range of consumers.

Meaning and History

Dove Logo History

The toiletry brand logo has always been distinguished by subtle elegance. It consists of two parts: graphic and text. The first is the name in italics; the second is the image of an elongated pigeon from the Columbidae family. The logo’s key elements were developed in the year the company was founded and have survived to this day, almost unchanged. They have kept the style, color scheme, personal sign, and original idea. In total, the logo has undergone three minor redesigns over the years.

The blue-white and gold palette symbolizes tenderness and luxury that the brand conveys to consumers with care. The image of a dove speaks of the same – the personification of peace, devotion, and love. It was created by artist Ian Brignell, a renowned developer, a specialist in fonts, branding, and lettering. He has worked on logos for companies such as Budweiser, Smirnoff, Coors Banquet, Western, and many others.

What is Dove?

Dove is one of the many brands of Unilever PLC. It was created in 1957 in the USA. The basis of its range is made up of toiletries, including skincare cosmetics, detergents, and deodorants. The products are designed for adults and children of both sexes.

1955 – 1969

Dove Logo 1955-1969

Dove’s debut logo appeared in 1955. It uses a balanced blue background with the title in italics in white. The upper half is painted golden; there is a stylized dove in the field’s right corner. The bird looks to the left and is drawn as if at this moment it flaps its wings. This version has been in use for 15 years and is taken as the basis for the current emblem, which has become recognizable worldwide.

1969 – 2004

Dove Logo 1969-2004

In 1969, the trademark was redesigned. The developers have kept his mood, style, and elegance. They also kept the color scheme, simply swapping the shades: the word “Dove” was made blue, and the dove – golden. The letters were replaced with wide ones, and the connecting loop was removed from the lowercase “v.”

We changed the background to minimalistic white to make the elements look catchy and bright. Moreover, the artists painted the bird more gracefully and radically turned it around: now it looks to the right. The font was kept the same, slightly correcting its outline, since the main emphasis is now on the richness of color. In this version, the logo lasted 35 years.

2004 – 2012

Dove Logo 2004-2012

The next change of the logo took place in 2004, before the significant anniversary of the trademark. The design change was undertaken to show that the brand is constantly developing; it is updated and improved. For this, the company representatives left the previous color scheme but corrected their tonality. As a result, a dove appeared in a gradient version with a tone transition, which created a three-dimensional effect. Also, they added white to the golden, increasing the brightness and dynamics of the pattern.

The bird’s location was also changed: since that time, it is not above the name, but below it – exactly in the center. The transformations, albeit insignificant, also affected the inscription. The word “Dove” is written in a thin lowercase typeface, except for the first letter, which is capitalized according to grammar rules. The lines became smooth, with neat uniform contours. The designers modernized the letter “v”: they added a smooth corner to it and completely removed the upper connecting loop.

2012 – today

Dove Logo 2012-present

The actual logo of the cosmetic brand appeared in 2012. It is based on the previous version, so the adjustments made were minimal. The developers slightly extended the “D,” which makes the name look more subtle, and the “E” was made smoother. The pigeon was changed color, removing the excess steel sheen, which made the golden one perceive several tones.

Font and Colors

Dove Emblem

The main element of the logo is a dove. It fits perfectly into the concept of the brand because it embodies purity, beauty, and lightness. But if it was a rather heavy bird at first, now it has become as if weightless. The color evolved with it, changing from the standard white to beige-gold with a bright glare. Each variant also contains the brand name.

Dove Symbol

Despite all variations of the word “Dove,” different typefaces are used in the emblems despite the apparent identity of all variations of the word. The similarity of the capital “D” with Rigaer Tango, and “ove” – ​​with Atlantic Sans Italic is traced. But most of all, the inscription has something in common with the Civita Light Italic font, which Dieter Hofrichter. Of the free, the TribunADFStd-Italic option is closer. The color scheme consists of a mix of ocean blue (letters), beige gold (bird), and white (background).

Dove color codes

Dark Midnight Blue Hex color: #003777
RGB: 0 55 119
CMYK: 100 54 0 53
Pantone: PMS 288 C
Satin Sheen Gold Hex color: #cb9e45
RGB: 203 158 69
CMYK: 0 22 66 20
Pantone: PMS 7563 C

What does the Dove logo mean?

The golden bird on the logo is a dove, a traditional symbol of peace. It symbolizes purity, tenderness, and love, which perfectly corresponds to the concept of Dove because its products are designed with care for health and beauty.

What is the logo of Dove soap?

The packaging of Dove soap shows the main logo of the brand, which contains its name in blue and a golden silhouette of a bird. The soap itself only has the bird engraved on both sides and no writing.

What is the font of the Dove logo?

Dove’s typography is based on an italic font: TribunADFStd-Italic, Civita Light Italic, and Atlantic Sans Italic. The analog of the unique letter “D” can be found in Rigaer Tango.