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The seemingly simple Neutrogena logo is actually not so simple. The designers used the world’s most common typeface, Times New Roman, and minimalistic black to show that a riot of colors can hide behind a boring sign – a whole universe of bright cosmetics.

Neutrogena: Brand overview

Founded: 1930
Founder: Emanuel Stolaroff
Los Angeles, United States
Neutrogena is an American brand representing a huge range of decorative and care cosmetics. It comes from the private manufactory Natone, founded in 1930 by entrepreneur Emanuel Stolaroff. In 1962, due to reaching high capacities, the company was renamed Neutrogena Corporation. In 1994, the successful company was acquired by the Johnson & Johnson concern, which is now a part of. He has many subsidiaries and representative offices in 70 countries around the world. It is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Meaning and History

Neutrogena Logo History

In the early years, the cosmetics firm supplied its products to specialty stores catered to Hollywood stars. They were such prestigious goods. But the story of their distribution did not start easily. The founder expanded the business, slowly turning it into a profitable company with his stores. In 1945, he met a Belgian chemist Edmond Fromont, married his daughter, and received full rights to the patented formula of a new soap – soft, transparent, and non-drying to the skin. In 1994, the Neutrogena trademark became the property of Johnson & Johnson Corporation. In 2021, she got into a scandal related to benzene, which causes cancer, and withdrew several products from the market.

What is Neutrogena?

Neutrogena is the trade name of Neutrogena Corporation, owned by Johnson & Johnson since 1994. It is used on the logo, where only one word is represented, made in a serif font. The company produces a variety of cosmetics, as well as hair and skin care products.

1951 – 1974

Neutrogena Logo 1951-1974

The presented logo consists of a rectangle – horizontal, elongated, decorated with lined stripes. They are thin, intersect with each other, and form many rhombuses. On their background is the name of the cosmetic brand. The inscription is distinct and includes a combination of lowercase letters with uppercase, consistent with grammatical rules. But the first “N” is, as it were, separate from the others because it is placed straight, while the second part of the word is tilted to the right.

1974 – 1978

Neutrogena Logo 1974-1978

After several modifications, the emblem was transformed – it became much more correct due to the inclination of the first letter “N.” In addition, the designers added boldness to the symbols, keeping the original font. They painted the base in black so that the name would not be lost against the background of small elements and made the rectangle narrower.

1978 – today

Neutrogena Logo 1978-present

Only name is on the individual trademark. There are no other identifying elements. The word “Neutrogena” occupies the entire space on the logo and is characterized by a close arrangement of characters.

Font and Colors

Neutrogena Emblem

The classic typeface was used for the inscription, the most widespread in the world – Times New Roman. This brought popularity to the emblem and brand recognition, as this font is easy to read. The logo’s color is monochrome and represents a combination of black and white. In the current version, dark gray is also present.

Neutrogena Symbol

Neutrogena color codes

Neutrogena Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

What is the meaning of the Neutrogena Logo?

The Neutrogena logo represents the trade name of this company because it contains nothing but a short inscription. Moreover, over the decades, the structure of the word mark has remained practically unchanged, which indicates the constancy of the brand and its adherence to traditions.

What does the logo symbolize Neutrogena Logo?

Since the Neutrogena logo consists only of the brand name, it symbolizes its superiority and paramount importance. And a standard but stylish font indicates that beauty lies in simplicity. The word ‘Neutrogena’ itself was chosen as a name to show the pH neutrality of cosmetics.

What font is the Neutrogena logo?

All indications are that the Neutrogena logo uses URW++’s Timeless Light font, similar to Times New Roman. This is a transitional typeface with thin elongated serifs and a contrasting thickness of the main and additional strokes.

What is Neutrogena slogan?

The Neutrogena brand has had many advertising slogans that are much more informative than its logo. Basically, these are short phrases expressing a certain idea: ‘Beautiful & Beneficial,’ ‘Break the Breakout cycle,’ ‘Healthy Skin, Visibly Even.’ And in 2016, a cosmetics manufacturer launched a ‘See What’s Possible’ campaign to show gender equality.