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A large sailing ship is not just a symbol of adventure. The Old Spice logo with a sailing ship reminds us that spices used to grow only in distant countries and were brought from there on trading ships. But initially, Old Spice was positioned as a producer of men’s cosmetics with a “rugged” scent of spices.

Old Spice: Brand overview

Founded:June 19, 1937
Founder:Procter & Gamble
United States
Old Spice is an American brand owned by Procter & Gamble. However, it was initially just a namesake product line released by the Shulton Company, founded in 1934 by William Lightfoot Schultz. In 1937, the entrepreneur expanded the series, making it a separate trademark. Initially, it produced fragrances, but then it became a brand of purely men’s goods—from deodorants to shower gels.

Meaning and History

Old Spice Logo History

In its early years, Shulton Inc. produced women’s perfumes inspired by a potpourri of scents used by the founder’s mother. The company named its product Early American Old Spice. Then, riding on the success, it released a male counterpart of the same fragrance. The line also featured aftershave lotion and shaving soap.

For these, the company first used a nautical theme and depicted a sailing ship on the label, which subsequently became the prototype for all other emblems. Initially, the ships “Friendship” and “Grand Turk” were featured, and then the list expanded. Many famous long-distance ships have graced the emblem, including Hamilton, United States, Sooloo, Maria Teresa, John Wesley, Java, Recovery, Birmingham, Constitution, Propontis, Salem, Star of the West, and others.

What is Old Spice?

It is a long-standing manufacturer of cosmetics, soap, perfumery, deodorants, aftershave lotions, and skin and hair care products. Its range is designed for both women and men.

The sailing ships perfectly fit into the men’s cosmetic line and resonate well with its name. In the past, spices were brought from distant countries on ships, and sailors were considered the most masculine people as they had to overcome many difficulties. Thus, the maritime theme, stemming from aromatic spices, became the basis for the Old Spice collection logos. And since only very wealthy people could afford spices, the line was considered luxurious.

Subsequent attempts to change the emblem to another one without a large colonial ship were not successful. This happened in the 1970s-1990s when the management used an ordinary yacht on an ivory bottle in the form of a buoy.

Procter & Gamble, which bought the brand in the summer of 1990, took the same step. It expanded the range to include deodorants, so it needed an influx of young customers. The redesign was undertaken by the Landor studio, involving Citizen Relations and Wieden + Kennedy. But eventually, the brand returned to its original choice—large sailing ships.

Font and Colors

Old Spice Emblem

The logo contains an image of a sailing ship used to deliver spices from exotic countries. It has three tall masts and a thin fluttering flag. Below is the phrase “Old Spice.” The ratio of their sizes has changed over time. Sometimes, the ship was tiny, and the name was large. The ship is located at the junction of the two words and is positioned over the “d” and “S.” The inscription is done in an old style and complemented by neat roundings.

Old Spice Symbol

The name on the emblem imitates calligraphic handwriting. It is executed in an italic, semi-closed handwritten font. The letters have a streamlined shape with elegant curves. The modern corporate palette consists of dark red and white colors, the old one—of blue and white.

Old Spice color codes

SangriaHex color:#df0f00
RGB:159 15 00
CMYK:0 91 100 38
Pantone:PMS 485 C


What does the Old Spice logo mean?

The sailing ship on the Old Spice logo symbolizes ships that brought spices to the USA from exotic countries. This is related to the fact that the company used spices as flavorings.

Why did Old Spice change its logo?

Old Spice underwent a global rebranding to attract a new generation of young, active, and ambitious customers.

Who manufactures Old Spice?

All Old Spice products are manufactured by its parent company, Procter & Gamble.

When did Old Spice change its logo?

The loudest and most successful rebranding of Old Spice occurred in 2010 when the company commissioned a new logo from Landor.

What does the Old Spice Logo symbolize?

The large ship on the Old Spice logo symbolizes long voyages from which sailors brought spices and seasonings. It was an exotic product that only wealthy people could afford in the past. Thus, there is a hint of the exclusivity of Old Spice products. Also, the designers referred to the spicy notes in the fragrance of perfumes, cosmetics, and deodorants.

Which ship is depicted on the Old Spice logo?

Different ships have been depicted on the Old Spice logo at different times, but they have always been large sailing ships. Initially, the emblems served as “Grand Turk” and “Friendship”. Later, labels featured Star of the West, Java, Salem, John Wesley, Propontis, Maria Teresa, Constitution, United States, Birmingham, Recovery, Sooloo, Hamilton, and other maritime vessels.

How old is the Old Spice brand?

The Old Spice brand and logo appeared in 1937 and initially represented women’s perfumery. Only the following year, due to the popularity of the first product, was a fragrance for men developed. William Lightfoot Schultz created the Early American Old Spice perfume line to draw attention to his company’s main soap and toiletry lines.

What is the Old Spice slogan?

To demonstrate its originality, Old Spice does not limit itself to an unusual logo and tries to use equally unconventional slogans. Among them, for example, “The Mark of a Man” and “Smells Like Grandpa”. In 2020, the famous slogan “Smells like a man, man” was revived as part of a new advertising campaign.