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A delicate, pleasant aroma of freshness and purity emanates from the emblem. The Bath & Body Works logo is light and pleasant, like jingling streams. The sign is associated with water procedures, relief from heaviness, fatigue, and renewal.

Bath & Body Works: Brand overview

Columbus, Ohio, U.S.
Bath & Body Works is an American brand that sells body care cosmetics, fragrances, bath, and shower hygiene products. She appeared in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio. The brand is now headquartered in Columbus and is part of the L Brands Group.

Meaning and History

Bath & Body Works Logo History

The cosmetics company received a corporate logo in the year of its foundation and has been using only it for 30 years since then. No changes were made. The visual identity sign turned out to be so harmonious that there was no need to change it accurately, conveys the necessary information to buyers. It contains a detailed name of the trademark, made in a classic style.

What is Bath & Body Works?

There are two companies with such names. The first one is Bath & Body Works, Inc., formerly known as L Brands, Inc. It owns the second organization of the same name: Bath & Body Works, LLC. This retail chain sells fragrance products, lotions, and soaps under its brand.

Font and Colors

Bath & Body Works Emblem

The Bath & Body Works logo has no graphic part, as the emphasis is on the text. Such brevity has become its highlight and made the brand recognizable.

Bath & Body Works Symbol

The lettering is in a light sans-serif typeface that belongs to the Avant-Garde Gothic Book Cyrillic category. The letters are thin, chopped, located at a minimum distance from each other. But the words are separate and do not merge, including the logogram &. The standard palette is sky blue and white. It creates a sense of cleanliness and reliability, as accurately as possible, reflecting the brand’s concept.

Bath & Body Works color codes

Medium Electric BlueHex color:#005699
RGB:0 86 153
CMYK:100 44 0 40
Pantone:PMS 2945 C

What is Bath and Body Works logo?

The Bath & Body Works logo is a simple wordmark. The official version contains the brand name, which is written in one line using a font from the Avant-Garde Gothic Book Cyrillic category. All letters and the ampersand are painted in the same light blue color.

What color is Bath and Body Works logo?

The base of the Bath & Body Works logo is white, and the lettering is made blue to stand out against a neutral background. The closest corresponding shade is PMS 7686 C (Hex Color: #005699).