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“Only knowledge and skill helped the company become a worldwide conglomerate,” says the capital Johnson & Johnson logo. The emblem has a lot of energy and love for its work. People work for people here.

Johnson & Johnson: Brand overview

Founded: January 1886
Founder: Robert Wood Johnson I, James Wood Johnson, Edward Mead Johnson
New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.
Johnson & Johnson is a large American corporation with more than 250 companies. It appeared in 1886 and was founded by three members of the Johnson family: Robert, James, and Edward. Today, the manufacturer offers products for hair, skin, oral cavity care, a wide range of medical products, and products for maintaining children’s and feminine hygiene.

Meaning and History

Johnson & Johnson Logo History

Having appeared in 1886, the logo of this brand has never changed. The management does not dare to remake it so that the brand does not lose the recognition it has gained over many years in the industry.

What is Johnson & Johnson?

It is a holding company specializing in producing consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment.

Font and Colors

Johnson & Johnson Emblem

There is only the double surname of the founders on the logo, connected with the original ampersand. This visual identity element indicates that there are several founders with the Johnson surname, and they are equally involved in its activities. Moreover, the ligature between the words is miniature, reminiscent of a friendly outstretched hand with an open palm.

Johnson & Johnson Symbol

The inscription is made in a typeface that imitates handwriting without tilting to the right. The letters are connected, lowercase, horizontal, the capital character is not selected. The emblem’s color is simple – red, with an emphasis on the name on a white background.

Johnson & Johnson color codes

Red Hex color: #d71500
RGB: 215 21 0
CMYK: 0 90 100 16
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C

What is the Johnson and Johnson logo?

The multinational corporation’s logo contains its name, written in an elegant red font that mimics calligraphic handwriting. The ampersand is connected to the letter ‘J’ in the second word, ‘Johnson.’ The closest analog of the typeface is Lelet Script.

What does Johnson & Johnson make?

Johnson & Johnson owns over a hundred brands. These are medicines and medical equipment, and consumer goods, including a wide range of care products for adults and children.

Is Johnson and Johnson a Swiss company?

Johnson & Johnson is headquartered not in Switzerland but New Brunswick, New Jersey. The company is officially registered in the United States.

What is J&J famous for?

Johnson & Johnson is known for its medical products. Currently, she is known as the developer and manufacturer of the COVID-19 vaccine – Janssen.