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“Only knowledge and skill have helped the company become a global conglomerate,” reads Johnson & Johnson’s capitalized emblem. The emblem is full of energy and love for what they do. This is where people work for people.

Johnson & Johnson: Brand overview

Johnson & Johnson is a large American corporation which includes more than 250 companies. It appeared in 1886 and was founded by three members of the Johnson family: Robert, James, and Edward. Today, the manufacturer offers hair care, skin care, oral care products, a wide range of medical products, and baby and feminine hygiene products.

Meaning and History

Johnson & Johnson Logo History

The company attributes its beginnings to staying relevant – innovative, revolutionary, and as effective as possible. This trend has been maintained and sustained over the years while honoring its roots. The text emblem includes only one element – the last name of the founders in duplicate. A classic ampersand connects the pieces. For many years, the brand name was presented as handwritten text. The new variant gives a formal and professional visual appearance. This change is also dictated by the need for clear lettering on modern displays for clarity and legibility.

What is Johnson & Johnson?

It is a holding company specializing in consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

1886 – 2023

Johnson & Johnson Logo 1886

The logo of that period testifies to the company’s individuality, as it contains an inscription made in calligraphic handwriting with a vertical arrangement of letters. The text symbol also features an interesting ligature: the ampersand takes a horizontal form resembling a loop – a lateral T-shaped figure with a circle at the top. It, in turn, represents an ankh, an Egyptian cross named after the identical hieroglyph denoting life and immortality. The intentional or subconscious meaning of the emblem indicates a desire to stay in the market by offering consumers products that promote longevity.

The text is typed in a smooth lowercase font. The glyphs are smooth, soft, and gliding. To emphasize the beginning of each word, the designers used capital letters, adding decorative elements that make “J” look like “g.” The lettering is interrupted at only one point: between the first part and the ampersand, which connects to the second half of the company name. The logo is colored red, symbolizing success, activity, power, and leadership.

2023 – today

Johnson & Johnson Logo

This time, the Johnson & Johnson logo is no exception: it is also characterized by its innovation. The logo was modernized for a simple reason: it had to be relevant in order to be adequately displayed on digital screens of all sizes. To realize this idea, the designers turned the majestic and ornate symbol into a flat and two-dimensional one. The style of the text has also changed significantly: it has become printed, concise, and classic. The first letter in both words is uppercase; the rest are lowercase. These letters are characterized by smoothness and rounded edges. The ampersand took on a standardized shape and increased in size, making it appear tall, decorative, and bulky.

Johnson & Johnson: Interesting Facts

Johnson & Johnson is a big company that makes a lot of healthcare products. It was started in 1886 by three brothers, and now it’s one of the biggest healthcare product makers in the world.

  1. First Aid Kits: They were the first to make kits in the late 1800s. These kits were first made for railroad workers but soon became a must-have everywhere.
  2. Public Company: Since 1944, anyone can buy shares in Johnson & Johnson. This shows how big and steady the company is.
  3. Good to Work For: They’ve always tried to take good care of their workers, even starting wellness programs and childcare for employees’ kids back in the mid-1900s.
  4. Tylenol Crisis: In 1982, they had a big problem when someone poisoned some Tylenol, causing deaths. Their smart and quick actions to solve this problem, like recalling the product and making safer packages, are often praised.
  5. Worldwide Work: They work in more than 60 countries and sell products almost everywhere, with over 130,000 people working for them.
  6. More than Just Products: In addition to everyday health products, they also focus on medicines and medical devices, helping with everything from baby care to advanced medical treatments.
  7. Always Creating: They spend a lot of money finding new ways to help people stay healthy, leading to many new inventions.
  8. Cares About the Planet: They’re working on improving the environment by not leaving a carbon footprint, reducing waste, and making products more eco-friendly.
  9. The Credo: This is a special document written by one of the founders, guiding how they do business. It talks about caring for customers, workers, communities, and shareholders.
  10. Growing Bigger: They’ve grown bigger over the years by buying other companies and expanding their capabilities in health care.

Johnson & Johnson has been trusted for a long time because they keep coming up with new ideas, take care of people and the planet, and are serious about making quality healthcare products.

Font and Colors

Johnson & Johnson Emblem

In the previous logo, the text is typed in a font imitating calligraphic handwriting, where the letters are not at an angle but vertically. This is the font that James Wood Johnson, one of the founders of the company, used to sign his name. The closest analog of this font is Lelet Script. The other emblem uses block letters without serifs. According to the company, this style is more customer-oriented as it is simple, clear, and straightforward.

Johnson & Johnson Symbol

The corporate palette is red. The branding guidelines state that this is a modern color, indicating the manufacturer’s ability to respond quickly to healthcare issues, set the right pace for the medical industry, and keep up with the times. Not surprisingly, it epitomizes leadership and success.

Johnson & Johnson Symbol

The founders’ double last name on the logo is linked to the original ampersand. This element of visual identity indicates that there are multiple founders with the last name Johnson, and they are equally involved in its activities. In addition, the ligature between the words is miniaturized and resembles a friendly outstretched hand with an open palm.

Johnson & Johnson color codes

RedHex color:#d71500
RGB:215 21 0
CMYK:0 90 100 16
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C


What does the old Johnson & Johnson logo represent?

The logo of the multinational corporation contains its name written in an elegant red font that mimics calligraphic handwriting. The ampersand is connected to the letter “J” in the second word – “Johnson.” The closest analog of the font is Lelet Script.

What does Johnson & Johnson produce?

Johnson & Johnson owns more than a hundred trademarks. These include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer products, including a wide range of adult and baby care products.

Is Johnson & Johnson a Swiss company?

Johnson & Johnson is headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey, not Switzerland. The company is officially incorporated in the United States.

What is J&J known for?

Johnson & Johnson is known for its medical products. It is currently known as the developer and manufacturer of the COVID-19 vaccine, Janssen.