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The Apal logo, like a fairy-tale palace, tells about an empire, a world where cars made of modern materials appear. As a symbol of progress, the main element invites the user on a journey in a new car.

Apal: Brand overview

Founded:1961 – 1998
Founder:Edmond Pery
Liège Province, Belgium

Apal is a Belgian small car company that became part of Ostercappeln in 1998. The Apal logo can be seen on the GT Coupe, GT Horizon, Speedster, 1200 Saloon, Sport One, and many buggy variants: Rancho, Jet, Avvi, and Horizon.

The Edmond Pery company was based in Liège and produced cars based on other well-known brands. So, the Porsche 356 became the prototype of the Apal Speedster, and the Apal Sport One repeats the Pontiac Fiero. A distinctive feature was a body made of special material and doors opening upwards.

Meaning and History

Apal Logo History

The brand logo tells about the whole world inside the machine wheel. The desire of the manufacturer to look ahead into the future and contribute to the development of the automotive industry.

The emblem’s background is round, like a wheel, with a wide orange border representing the car’s tires. A lighter background hints at the models’ lightweight and small size. The polymer in the composition is much lighter than metal, and the main body type of the brand was cast for the buggy.

What is Apal?

A brand of cars that produced fiberglass cars in small batches from 1961 to 1998, when it was bought by the German company Ostercappeln. Until 2006, the new owners continued to build the Apal Speedster. Now the brand is engaged in auto parts.

Inside the wheel is the name of the brand, and below is a design resembling the following:

  • A pen-pen is an object with which a new story is written.
  • Candle – as a symbol of insight and new ideas.
  • Rocket – an element of progress.

If you look closely, the badge repeats the coat of arms of the city of Liège, where the production was located. A column with steps, based on lions, and two letters on the sides, meaning parts of the name: Lie-Ge. The use of the symbol makes the company logo very patriotic.

The company’s name encodes the composition of the material from which the unique machines were made. Apal stands for Application Polyester Armé de Liége (reinforced plastic from Liège).

The founder of the Edmond Pery brand was a fiberglass specialist. He used a special compound in which the plastic-based material was reinforced with fiberglass to create body parts. It was a popular and modern solution for the 60s.

Font and Colors

The main colors of the logo are black and orange.

  • Black – a symbol of roads, the main color of the chassis of cars, a sign of strength and durability.
  • Orange – a shade of warmth, convenience, and comfort.

Stereo Gothic lettering font. The capital letter A is transformed and enlarged compared to “pal.” Its crossbar is elongated and emphasizes the rest of the word, personifying the road along which the car is traveling. The first glyph, A, is extended to the height of the spire of the tower of Liege, balancing the emblem.

Apal color codes

Mustard YellowHex color:#deaf25
RGB:222 175 37
CMYK:0 21 83 13
Pantone:PMS 124 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C