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App Store Logo
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The App Store distributes apps for devices running iOS, macOS, and tvOS. It can be considered one of the many sections of the iTunes Store, in which it is easy to find any media content. Apple specialists monitor the service.

Meaning and History

App Store Logo History
Evolution of the App Store Logo

What is App Store?

App Store is a virtual store of mobile applications for gadgets operating on the IOS and iPadOS operating systems. The Internet platform allows users to view, select and download various programs for iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV. The service appeared in 2008 and is owned by Apple Inc.

The online store icons have changed several times, although these changes cannot be called global. Rather, it was a small tweak to improve the existing design. The style was simplified to minimalistic: first, the bright reflections disappeared, then the white circle disappeared, and the main elements became abstract.

2008 – 2013

App Store Logo 2008-2013

The first App Store logo was the most striking of all. It appeared after the release of the iPhone OS 2 and was used until the iOS version 6 platform was developed. The drawing contained a large blue square with rounded corners, containing a pencil, brush, and ruler in a ring. Behind the white stationery, beams radiated in all directions – from the center of the geometric shape to the edges. They enhanced the 3D effect of the gradient.

2013 – 2017

App Store Logo 2013-2017

After the redesign, the rays disappeared, and the blue became lighter. The gradient position has also changed, with a darker tint at the bottom and cyan at the top. This logo could be found on devices with iOS 7 and 10 versions.

2017 – today

App Store Logo 2017-present

What is the logo for the Apple App Store?

Apple’s App Store has a modern ‘A’ logo. It consists of three combined, uniformly sized pieces that resemble ice cream sticks. Initially, the letter was composed of a pencil, a brush, and a ruler, but after the scandal with the KON company, which filed a lawsuit against the online store due to the similarity of the emblem, it was changed.

In 2017, the era of abstraction began: the Apple Store logo lost some of its elements and began to look much more minimalistic. In place of the stationery, three lines appeared, forming a disproportionate triangle. They resemble ice cream sticks in shape. The white ring has disappeared, and the intensity of the gradient has decreased.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

App Store Emblem

What is the Apple store logo?

The logo of the Apple Store chain of retail stores is a branded apple with a bitten side. They accompany real points of sale of branded electronic equipment located worldwide.

The jagged shape in the center of the square represents the “A” – the App Store name’s first letter. This makes more sense than randomly stacked brushes, rulers, and pencils, although some users only see ice cream sticks in the logo and do not understand what they mean. And all because of excessive abstraction, which interferes with perception.

There are no sharp or right angles in the icon – the sides of each shape are rounded. This is done to inspire trust in the platform and the media content presented in it. A friendly look, simple design, and three-dimensionality distinguish the App Store icon in the list of other programs.

There are no inscriptions as such on the Apple Store logo – except that the central figure is associated with the letter “A.” We are not talking about any fonts, because it consists of three separate rectangles with rounded corners.

App Store Symbol

The color scheme is not as simple as the rest of the design. It contains a whole mix of blue shades arranged sequentially and smoothly flow into one another. The gradient is linear; that is, the color transition occurs in a horizontal direction – from a light top to a darker bottom. Additional elements are painted white. To highlight them, the designers used the negative space effect.