Aquatics GB Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

Aquatics GB Logo New

British Swimming has rebranded to Aquatics GB, signaling a new era for British aquatic sports. This change aims to unify and represent the diverse sports of swimming, diving, para-swimming, artistic swimming, and water polo. The goal is to foster growth in competition, commerce, and community.

The new logo features a modern, sans-serif typeface that is clean and bold. The primary colors—red, white, and blue—are presented in a marbled pattern miming the water’s movement. Each aquatic sport under Aquatics GB has its color:

  • Diving is pink.
  • Para-swimming is green.
  • Swimming is purple.
  • Artistic swimming is blue.
  • Water polo is light blue.

These colors appear in uniforms, equipment, and promotional materials.

Aquatics GB Logo Evolution

The letter “A” in the logo resembles a wave, symbolizing motion and fluidity. Smooth curves and lines reflect the water flow, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to excellence and fluidity.

The rebranding includes a new website with an intuitive layout and easy navigation, featuring the latest news, events, and athlete profiles. The new color palette and logo are consistently used across the site and social media channels, creating a vibrant and engaging user experience.

Aquatics GB Logo Old

The new brand will debut at the London Aquatics Centre during the Aquatics GB Swimming Championships. This event, previously known as the British Swimming Championships, will showcase the new identity with updated signage, athlete gear, and venue decor. Para-swimming and swimming events will be integrated, promoting inclusivity.

The Championships will be broadcast live on BBC Sport and Channel 4. Live coverage of the Aquatics GB Diving Championships is planned for later this year.

The decision to rebrand followed consultations with athletes, support staff, and key stakeholders, including Swim England, Scottish Swimming, and Swim Wales. This collaborative approach ensured the new identity meets the needs of the aquatic sports community.

Aquatics GB Symbol

Aquatics GB aims to drive growth and engagement in aquatic sports through this rebranding. The unified brand fosters community among athletes, coaches, and fans. The fresh, modern design positions Aquatics GB as a leader in aquatic sports, enhancing the experience for athletes and audiences.