Verbatim Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

Verbatim Logo New

Verbatim, a renowned provider of storage and accessory products, has launched a new logo, marking a significant update to its brand identity. The new logo will debut at Computex in Taipei from June 4-7, 2024. This rebranding highlights the company’s commitment to staying modern in a rapidly changing digital world.

Verbatim’s products, recognized globally and sold in more than 120 countries, include optical storage media, USB drives, memory cards, hard drives, solid-state drives (SSD), computer accessories, gaming accessories, and 3D printing materials. As part of CMC Magnetics, the world’s largest producer of optical media, Verbatim has regional headquarters in Charlotte, Melbourne, Ashbourne, and Tokyo.

Founded in 1969, the company has been a key player in the storage industry, evolving from floppy disks to leading blank optical media discs like CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays. The new logo reflects ongoing modernization, simplifying its visual identity while reinforcing its role as a top storage solutions and accessories provider.

Verbatim Logo Evolution

The new logo features a sleek, modern design that embodies Verbatim’s innovative spirit. The typeface is a clean, modern sans-serif, chosen for its readability, symbolizing the company’s forward-thinking approach. The letters are spaced to enhance clarity, focusing on simplicity and accessibility. The color palette includes a refined shade of blue, evoking trust and reliability, which are the brand’s core values. A bright accent color adds vibrancy, representing Verbatim’s dynamic presence in the tech industry.

The logo integrates subtle geometric shapes within the typography, symbolizing the precision and reliability of the products. Negative space creates a balanced and harmonious design, ensuring the logo is visually appealing across various mediums and sizes. This geometric design element modernizes the logo and gives it a unique identity that stands out in the market.

The tagline “Anywhere. Everyday.” complements the new logo, positioning Verbatim as an essential companion for daily digital activities, whether for work or leisure. This tagline underscores versatility and commitment to providing reliable solutions worldwide.

Verbatim Symbol

The brand identity has been revamped to ensure consistency across all platforms, including website updates, packaging, and marketing materials. The new visual identity is designed to be both modern and timeless, ensuring longevity as the company innovates.

The rebranding coincides with the launch of several new products at Computex 2024. The new lineup includes the following:

  • Redesigned external and internal SSDs.
  • High-resolution 4K portable monitors.
  • Powerful GaN chargers.
  • Multifunctional power plugs.
  • Versatile multiport hubs.
  • My Finder Bluetooth trackers.

These products highlight Verbatim’s commitment to innovation and meeting its customers’ diverse needs.

Verbatim Logo Old

The new external SSDs feature a compact design with enhanced durability and performance, ideal for professionals needing reliable and fast storage solutions. The internal SSDs offer high-speed data transfer rates and robust security features, perfect for personal and professional use. The 4K portable monitors provide stunning visual clarity, ideal for users requiring additional screen space.

The GaN chargers are efficient and powerful, capable of quickly charging multiple devices simultaneously. Multifunctional power plugs and multiport hubs support various devices and connections, making them essential for modern digital setups. The My Finder Bluetooth trackers help users keep track of their belongings, adding convenience to daily life.

Verbatim’s new brand identity and product launches represent a significant step forward for the company. Modernizing its logo and visual identity reinforces its position as a market leader in storage and accessories. The new products demonstrate Verbatim’s ongoing commitment to innovation and meeting customers’ evolving needs. Verbatim’s dedication to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering.