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The Aquila Italiana logo features a formidable eagle, evolving from a realistic portrayal to an abstract representation. The predatory bird is depicted as three zigzag lines of varying lengths, above which sits an improvised head. Underneath its wings, on a red trapezium, lies the word “Aquila.” It is rendered in geometric letters, designed to mimic chromed steel. The square-shaped “Q” and “U” are particularly striking. The latter part of the name is colored yellow and set on a white strip. Below it, a green triangle can be seen, all representing the colors of the Italian flag.

This logo is a strong visual statement of the company’s identity, blending tradition and modernity. The eagle, a symbol of power, freedom, and superiority, aligns with the company’s aspiration to produce high-performance vehicles that offer their owners a sense of liberation and prestige. This abstract representation of the eagle captures its dynamism and majesty, the zigzag lines suggesting its high speed and agility, much like the vehicles produced by the automotive company.

Incorporating “Aquila,” which translates to “Eagle” in Italian, further underlines this connection. At the same time, the use of geometric letters and a chrome steel finish suggest precision and durability – qualities that the company seeks to embed in its vehicles.

The presence of the Italian flag’s colors, red, white, and green, is a proud assertion of the company’s roots and heritage. The red trapezium symbolizes passion and energy, the white stripe purity and clarity, and the green triangle signifies growth and harmony. These colors express national pride and convey the company’s core values.

The square “Q” and “U” in the company’s name are noteworthy, pointing toward the robustness and stability of the brand’s vehicles. Using different colors for different parts of the logo highlights the diverse attributes and offerings of the brand.

Aquila Italiana: Brand overview

Founded:1906 – 1917
Turin, Italy
In the early 1900s, Turin saw the establishment of an ambitious automaker named Aquila. A group of investors came together in 1906 to launch the “Società Anonima Aquila” to create an array of automobiles. A year later, the company sought to further emphasize its national roots by rebranding as “Società Anonima Italiana Aquila.”

In the early years, Aquila focused on developing and producing small cars and voiturettes powered by their own range of engines, with power outputs reaching up to 35 horsepower. This phase in Aquila’s history saw a significant shift in 1909 when the business came under the ownership of the Marsaglia banking family. The name was altered to “Aquila Anonima Italiana di L. Marsaglia,” with Vincenzo Marsaglia taking the reins as the president.

Under Marsaglia’s leadership, Aquila set its sights on the luxury car segment, making a name for itself through advanced engineering techniques and quality coachbuilding during the First World War. This recognition, however, could not shield the company from the devastating impact of the war.

The wartime conditions proved detrimental to Aquila. The company grappled with escalating costs and resource shortages, leading to an unfortunate closure in 1917, marking the end of its short yet impactful journey in the automotive industry.

During its peak, Aquila was a significant employer with a workforce 500. The high-end cars produced by the company were often compared with Fiat’s luxury offerings. Despite these achievements, the harsh economic environment during the war led to its ultimate demise.

Meaning and History

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