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Aquila Italiana: Brand overview

In the early 1900s, the ambitious Aquila automobile company was founded in Turin. In 1906, a group of investors came together and founded Società Anonima Aquila to create a range of cars. A year later, the company decided to emphasize its national roots by rebranding and calling itself Società Anonima Italiana Aquila.

In the early years of its existence, Aquila focused on the design and production of small cars and “voiture,” equipped with its own line of engines up to 35 horsepower. This phase of Aquila’s history saw a significant shift in 1909 when the company was taken over by the Marsaglia banking family. The company was renamed Aquila Anonima Italiana di L. Marsaglia, and Vincenzo Marsaglia became its president.

Under Marsaglia’s leadership, Aquila set a course for the production of luxury cars, making a name for itself with its advanced engineering technology and quality bodywork during the First World War. However, this recognition could not save the company from the ravages of war.

Wartime conditions proved disastrous for Aquila. The company faced rising costs and a lack of resources, leading to its closure in 1917 and marking the end of its short but significant journey in the automobile industry.

In its heyday, Aquila was a large employer with 500 employees. The high-end cars produced by the company were often compared to Fiat’s luxury models. Despite these achievements, harsh economic conditions during the war led to the company’s eventual collapse.

Meaning and History

Aquila Italiana Logo History

1905 – 1906

Aquila Italiana Logo 1905

1906 – 1917

Aquila Italiana Logo 1906

2012 – today

Aquila Italiana Logo

This car company chose a logo featuring a ferocious eagle that evolved from realistic to abstract. The bird of prey is depicted as three zigzag lines of different lengths. Above them, in the center, is a makeshift head. Under the wings, on a red trapezoid, is the word “Aquila.” It is written in geometric letters, stylized under chrome steel. The square letters “Q” and “U” stand out. The second part of the name is colored yellow and is located on a white stripe. A green triangle can be seen underneath it. All these are the colors of the Italian flag.

The zigzag lines of the eagle resemble super cool feather labels. They give the impression that the bird is eager for action. The red, green, and white colors symbolize Italy. The word “Aquila” means “eagle” in Italian, and the chrome letters give it a modern and elegant look. The whole design is like a mini story about the brand, but without being too abstruse.