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Arash Logo

Arash Logo
Arash Logo PNG

Arash is a privately owned automobile manufacturer with a small staff. It appeared in 1999 and since then has been producing exclusive supercars, sportscars, and hypercars. Its founder is Arash Farboud, who has assembled a professional team. The head office is located in Newmarket, Suffolk County (UK).

Meaning and History

Arash Logo History
Evolution of the Arash Logo

At first, the group formed by Arash Farboud was named Farboud Limited after its creator. But in 2004, she underwent a rebranding, changing not only the logo but also the name. Its full name is now Arash Motor Company Ltd. That is, the name of the founder and owner is used as a base. This innovation stuck and became widely recognized.

As the company positions itself, it is a small team with big convictions. Therefore, the automaker prefers to work with individual and daring customers. This position is because Arash considers cars to be exclusive with personal character and distinctive features. The management adhered to this view during the development and launch of all their successful lines – first of all, AF8. This model reflects the experience gained during the creation of the Farboud GT and Farboud GTS. Engineers tried to concentrate all the legacy of previous machines in it.

Arash Symbol

That is, the British company creates something timeless, significant, and purely personal. Therefore, the production volumes are very small since it produces only three cars per year. The sales volumes are also insignificant: during the company’s entire existence, it has only eighty sold cars on its account, which once again confirms their exclusivity.

Despite their longing for consistency, the Arash team changed their logo once. More precisely, she improved it by correcting some details. But the essence remains the same. The need for a redesign was associated with the company’s renaming since the name flaunted from the very beginning on the hoods of high-speed cars. The history of the manufacturer’s identity has two logos.

1999 – 2006

Arash Logo 1999-2006

The shield was the basis of the debut emblem. It had a classic shape – a wide top and a narrow bottom pointed at an angle. Its sides were not straight but slightly curved. The shield had a double edging: a black and gray stripe on the outside and a yellow stripe on the inside. The logo featured the name of the company’s founder and a diving eagle. The bird’s wings were raised for flapping, the tail was fluffed, and the legs were extended in an attempt to land. The predator looked down, head down.

The letters in the inscription were wide, even, with minimal rounding at the “R” and “S.” The designers left the rest of the signs angular. The word “Arash” was in upper case. The main colors of the logo were yellow-orange and black-gray. They matched perfectly in contrast, so the painted elements looked distinct. In addition, the badge had a flash of light, as if from a car door window.

2006 – present

Arash Logo 2006-present

The developers have updated the emblem, replacing the shield with a vertical trapezoid with a single yellow border. They also increased the surface glare effect, as if the logo were under glass. The designers stretched the font a bit and gave the yellow color a muted golden hue.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Arash Emblem

From the very beginning, the identity of the automobile brand was built on the image of a diving predator. After the redesign, the bird received a different color but retained its shape: the developers did not change anything.

The logo is written in a sleek grotesque style. All letters are the same height and width. The “S” has diagonal cuts at both ends. The corporate palette includes black and yellow in several shades: graphite, gray, orange, golden.