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The Arbonne International logo demonstrates the connection of one program participant with others. Sale is carried out from hand to hand, from the seller to the buyer. As the emblem hints, yesterday’s buyer may become tomorrow’s new seller.

Arbonne International: Brand overview

Founder:Petter Mørck
Irvine, California, United States
Arbonne International works on the principle of multi-level marketing: members of the sales pyramid receive revenue by distributing its products to customers and finding new distributors. What do they trade? Only what Arbonne makes. The full list includes vegan snacks, dietary supplements, sports nutrition, detox, weight loss, and wellness products. The range also includes body care products: acne, wrinkles, dryness, redness. They complement by decorative cosmetics designed for lips, eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, and even skin tone. In addition, there are conditioners, oils, shampoos, masks, creams, and texturizing hair pomades.

Meaning and History

Arbonne International Symbol

All Arbonne International products are claimed to be vegan and gluten-free, made with only natural ingredients and innovative formulas. According to the manufacturer, they do not contain phthalates, parabens, and PEGs. The company complies with environmental requirements and is even registered with the Certified B Corporation.

The idea to produce harmless and high-quality cosmetics came to Petter Mørck, who spent his childhood in a picturesque Norwegian village. After learning about what skincare products are made of, he decided to change the situation and offer plant-based products to customers. He realized his love of nature in 1975 when an alliance of herbalists, biologists, and biochemists came together to create Arbonne International.

The company appeared in 1980 and was named after the locality where the first product line was developed. It is also rumored that Petter Mørck bought the formulas from Laboratoires Cosmetiques Arval and rebranded them to sell them under his brand name. In any case, all recipes are patented. Production is concentrated in California, and the sales market covers several countries – from the USA to Australia.

Independent Arbonne consultants sell products with an unusual upside-down bow symbol. This is what the company logo looks like, used to identify products. It consists of two folded loops reminiscent of the connected letters “a” without extension strokes. Moreover, the second “a” is turned opposite and looks like a disproportionate number “6”.

The trademark was distributed by the “The/Studio” community, which the leaders of Arbonne International approached. Specialists helped create souvenirs with the image of the symbol and patches for promotional materials. This contributed to brand recognition.

In addition to the inverted “bow” on the logo, there is the first word from the manufacturer’s name. It sits at the bottom and is written in a lowercase sans-serif font. Remarkably, there is a dot at the end. It speaks of completeness and completeness – that the company’s products have everything you need, but at the same time, there is nothing superfluous. The same principle underlies the Arbonne concept.

The premium brand with Swiss heritage uses an abstract symbol that looks like a letter from the Native American alphabet as its emblem. It resembles a sprout that has hatched because all Arbonne International products are based on herbal ingredients and are positioned as a natural alternative to harmful products. Previously, there was a dot above the graphic sign, but now it has been removed – only a dot remains after the inscription.

Font and Colors

Arbonne International Emblem

The logo font is similar to the free Libre Franklin Regular by Impallari Type and has similarities with the paid GGX88 Light by Typodermic Fonts Inc. The brand’s typography is based on a low-contrast sans-serif typeface. The letters are predominantly oval in shape; symmetry is observed in the lines. The intra-letter “a” is teardrop-shaped, resembling an element of the Arbonne International symbol above. The color scheme is very simple: the designers combined black and white to create a classic look.

Arbonne International color codes

Smoky BlackHex color:#141212
RGB:20 18 18
CMYK:0 10 10 92
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C