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The ArcheAge logo holds a deep resonance with the game’s overall identity and atmosphere. It is designed to evoke the rich, lore-heavy fantasy world that the game is set in while hinting at the complex dynamics of conflict and adventure that form the core of the game.

The logo features the game’s title in stylized, ancient-looking lettering designed to mimic the aesthetic of old-world scripts. This gives the logo a touch of mystique and antiquity, reflecting the deep history and lore of the game’s fantasy setting.

The sharp angles and metallic finish of the letters in the logo suggest strength and resilience, qualities expected of players as they navigate the game’s challenges and conflicts. The varying sizes and sweeping arcs of the letters may represent the game’s open-world nature and the vast opportunities for exploration and adventure it offers.

Additionally, the logo’s color palette, typically employing shades of green against a dark backdrop, contributes to an air of grandeur and epic scale. These colors reflect the adventurous and sometimes treacherous journey players undertake in the game.

ArcheAge emblem visually encapsulates the game’s rich fantasy setting, its focus on adventure and conflict, and the grand, epic scale of its open-world gameplay. It serves as an engaging and fitting symbol for the game’s brand identity.

ArcheAge: Brand overview

Founder:XL Games
South Korea

In the digital universe of MMORPGs, a significant milestone was achieved in 2013 when XL Games, a company based in South Korea, unveiled ArcheAge. The game core offering was a rich, immersive game world. This sandbox-themed MMORPG was known for its open-world design, which allowed for a high degree of player freedom. Users could construct their own homes, engage in agriculture, build ships for naval warfare, or even seek justice in a player-run court system. This diversity of experiences reflected the creator’s vision of a truly interactive game universe. Regular updates and expansions to the game introduced new continents, races, and classes, along with a myriad of quests and adventures, keeping players continually engaged and intrigued.

This high level of player engagement significantly contributed to the game’s financial success. The base game was free-to-play, but a premium subscription model offered players access to exclusive content and benefits. Additionally, microtransactions provided an extra revenue stream, enabling users to purchase cosmetic items and other conveniences.

The success of the brand did not stop at the borders of South Korea. The game soon caught the attention of international players, leading to its release in North America, Europe, and Russia.

Beyond the game itself, the brand also ventured into other forms of media, releasing novels based on the ArcheAge universe in South Korea. This diversification into literature showcased the depth of the game’s lore and its wide-ranging influence in popular culture.

Meaning and History

ArcheAge Logo History

ArcheAge’s brand identity revolves around freedom, exploration, and a dynamic player-driven world. With its massive and detailed world, ArcheAge encourages players to explore, build, and shape their surroundings to their liking. The game’s tagline, “Craft. Claim. Conquer,” aptly summarizes this ethos of player autonomy and agency.

The logo of ArcheAge adds a visual layer to its brand identity. Featuring stylized, ancient-looking lettering, the logo is suggestive of the game’s lore-heavy fantasy setting. The sharp lines and angles within the lettering hint at the conflict and adventure that await players within the game.

What is ArcheAge?

ArcheAge, developed by the South Korean company XL Games and released in 2013, is a groundbreaking MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) known for its distinctive sandbox elements and immersive fantasy world. It is appreciated by players globally for its mix of traditional MMO mechanics with more open-ended, sandbox-style gameplay.

One of the unique aspects of ArcheAge is its class system, which provides players with an impressive level of customization, further enhancing the brand’s focus on player autonomy. Additionally, ArcheAge’s housing and farming systems allow players to leave a tangible impact on the game world, which aligns with the brand’s identity as a “sandbox” MMORPG where player actions matter.

ArcheAge color codes

Teal GreenHex color:#1e3e45
RGB:30 62 69
CMYK:57 10 0 73
Pantone:PMS 309 C