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The Arctic Cat logo is strength, speed, purposefulness, and movement into the future. The emblem is an example of continuous development. Indicates the connection between technology and nature, the ability of a person to survive in any corner of the planet.

Arctic Cat: Brand overview

Founder:Edgar Hetteen
Minnesota, US

Arctic Cat is an American manufacturer of SUVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, and other compact motorcycles. Textron Inc has owned it since 2017. The Arctic Cat logo unites such models as Bearcat, Wildcat, Prowler, Norseman, Cross Country, and others.

If you have talent, you can’t hide it. That’s why Edgar Hetteen, after leaving the company he founded, Polaris, was able to create Arctic Cat and then promote both brands. The global popularity of brands is a tribute to the engineering talent of the master.

Meaning and History

Arctic Cat Logo History

The logo shows that the company’s products organically fit into the surrounding world. They move freely and easily, like animals in their immediate habitat.

Above the green brand name is an aggressive jumping black cat. Below the name is a black inscription slogan.

What is Arctic Cat?

One of the top 3 snowmobile manufacturers in Minnesota with $30 million in revenue, founded in 1961. Products are distributed through 1500 dealers in 30 countries.

The brand associates its cars with graceful, fast predatory panthers.

  • In nature, an animal chooses impassable places to live, away from humans. Brand products are designed for travel in the snow, prairie, and off-road.
  • The Panther moves with ease and grace over any terrain, just like the vehicles from Arctic Cat.
  • The predator overtakes the prey in a jump. The brand’s cars always reach the goal and are capable of high-speed throws.

Sharp, smooth edges of the image are a symbol of danger. The company’s all-terrain vehicles can slip on difficult tracks, pass through narrow passages and get away from predators.

The logo is complemented by an appeal that encourages the observer to contact, offer to make a purchase, and evaluate the capabilities of the products. “Share our passion!” indicates the sign.

Only an irresistible desire and love for technology could induce the founder of the brand to work on new inventions from school to old age actively. In his models, every detail is thought out to the smallest detail. He repeatedly altered products to the ideal. This reflects the passion that drives Edgar Hetteen and his followers.

The choice of the “snowy” direction of production was reflected in: love for the roots – Hetteen’s parents emigrated from Switzerland, weather conditions in Minnesota, love for hunting, and active pastime.

The letters of the name seem to be alive and slightly tilted forward. The inscriptions are shifted to the right edge of the logo, and the panther “pushes” them with its tail. The composition conveys movement and outwardly resembles the image of the brand’s cars.

Font and Colors

Green is the color of friendliness, growth, and development. The company is always ready to offer customers something new for an interesting and active life. Green is a shade of nature. Arctic Cat transport for outdoor adventures in pristine landscapes.

Font used on the logo: Marble Display Condensed Heavy Italic.

Arctic Cat color codes

Kelly GreenHex color:#66bc29
RGB:102 188 41
CMYK:46 0 78 26
Pantone:PMS 802 C
Raisin BlackHex color:#231f20
RGB:35 31 32
CMYK:0 11 9 86
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C