ARO Logo


The ARO logo is filled with the idea of protection, the ability to withstand any load. A strong body and chassis of cars are not afraid of off-road. The emblem is concerned with the safety of passengers.

ARO: Brand overview

Founded:1957 – 2006
Câmpulung, Argeş, Romania

ARO is a now-defunct Romanian SUV company that went bankrupt in 2006. Last owner of Cross Lander. The ARO logo can be seen on 380 thousand of cars produced by the company during its existence.

The history of ARO began beautifully based on a factory built during World War II. Models gradually became more complicated and exported to other countries. But since 1998, the operation of the plant has turned into a series of deceptions and crashes, in the center of which was dishonest businessman John Perez.

Meaning and History

ARO Logo History

The company logo is filled with patriotism and indicates the country of production. The white background with a blue border and the company name inside conveys the spirit of the post-war period, in which the production of cars began.

What is ARO?

Romanian SUV manufacturer. Since 1957, he introduced the IMS-57, M59, M461, ARO 24 Series, ARO 10, ABI armored version, and ARO Dragon. Similar models under other names were produced in Portugal, Italy, and Spain.

1957 – 2003

ARO Logo 1957

2003 – 2006

ARO Logo

The logo’s shape resembles the historical shields of the regions of Romania – Dobruja and Banat, as well as the coat of arms of the city of Câmpulung Muscel, where the company was founded. Smooth, streamlined shapes indicate well-thought-out equipment and body strength.

The choice of the protective theme of the emblem is related to the following:

  • Aircraft manufacturing plant, built in 1942 and producing propellers for military aircraft. After the war, the premises were used to produce ARO machines, which played a role in the defense complex.
  • Cars were offered to former members of the Warsaw Pact as additional military vehicles. The pact united the countries into an organization protecting each other’s borders as opposed to NATO.
  • The ability of cars to move off-road and increased wear resistance.

Inside the shield are three lowercase letters, “aro,” the same size as the background. At the same time, R received the most elongated leg, and A and O increased in size. Oblong letters indicated the body of a convertible-type machine. Later models received an elongated chassis.

The company’s name is given in honor of the country of production. It stands for Auto Romania (the first letter from “auto” and two from “Romania”), and since 1972 Automobil Romanest.

Font and Colors

The main color is calm blue. It is associated with the sky, water, and freshness. Therefore, it has a calming effect. Represents the transition from military purposes to peaceful transport. It conveys the desire of the owners to protect their country and city from any threats and to maintain a measured life. He talks about travels in which off-road vehicles were involved.

The lettering font is similar to Aodaliya Bold. The caps of the letters a and r are rounded and resemble a convertible top on the company’s first cars.

ARO color codes

Marian BlueHex color:#2b429f
RGB:43 66 159
CMYK:73 58 0 38
Pantone:PMS 661 C