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Artega: Brand overview

In 2006, a new player in the German automotive industry emerged in the form of Artega, a company created by Klaus Dieter Frers, a former BMW designer. Seeking to carve a niche for itself in the production of luxury sports cars, Artega was poised for notable success.

The Artega GT, the company’s first model, was introduced to the world in 2007. It was a mid-engine coupe powered by a Volkswagen V6 engine and had an impressive price tag of around $150,000. However, despite its impressive debut, Artega soon ran into problems.

To take the company forward, Frers brought in outside investment in 2010, giving up a controlling stake. Unfortunately, the company’s sales did not improve significantly. In 2012, due to low sales and high overhead costs, Artega faced financial instability, which eventually led to a bankruptcy filing and a temporary halt in production.

That same year, Frers reacquired Artega with plans to revitalize it under new management. In 2019, following evolving automotive trends, Artega introduced the all-electric Artega Karo, emphasizing the company’s intention to reposition itself as a manufacturer of niche electric vehicles.

Although not a commercial success, the Artega’s design and specifications were critically acclaimed. Although the company has entered the luxury sports car market, the road to becoming a profitable mass-market-oriented company still lies ahead.

Meaning and History

Artega Logo History

2006 – today

Artega Logo

This German automobile company uses the coat of arms of the city of Delbrück, where the company is located, as its logo. The emblem is a shield, rounded at the bottom and divided vertically into two equal parts. In the right part, there is a dog standing on two legs with an open mouth showing a red tongue. The left part depicts an apple tree with red fruit but no leaves. The trunk of the tree and the dog are black. There is a black band at the top with the word “Artega” written on it in white letters. The text is bold, mostly lowercase, except for the initial “A,” and the letters have small serifs.

The logo looks like a small book of fairy tales. On one side is a tough dog, ready for battle. On the other side is a tree, which is different from the others in that it has no leaves but only apples. The word “Artega” is not written in a very catchy font, but it still attracts attention. The company wants to show that it has something interesting and unexpected up its sleeve, but at the same time, not too flashy.