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The Artega logo draws inspiration from the coat of arms of Delbrück, where the German automotive company is situated. The emblem is a shield, rounded at the bottom, divided vertically into two halves. The right side showcases a dog standing on its hind legs, with an open mouth revealing a red tongue. To the left is an apple tree bearing red fruits, though devoid of leaves. The improvisational tree trunk and the dog are both represented in black. At the top, on a black stripe, the word “Artega” is written in white. The lettering is predominantly lowercase, except for the initial ‘A,’ and the letters are garnished with small serifs.

The selection of the city’s coat of arms as its logo cements Artega’s ties with its geographical origin and establishes a sense of locality and pride. Traditionally considered a symbol of loyalty, courage, and vigilance, the dog is a statement about the brand’s commitment to its customers. Its stance on the hind legs indicates readiness for action or forward movement, signifying the company’s constant drive toward innovation.

The dog’s red tongue, starkly contrasting the black figure, denote passion and energy. This likely reflects the brand’s passion for engineering excellence and its energetic pursuit of automotive innovation. The apple tree, particularly its red fruits, symbolizes knowledge and abundance. The absence of leaves on the tree is an artistic choice to emphasize the fruits, underscoring the company’s focus on results and the tangible benefits their customers provide.

The black color of the tree and the dog imply strength and elegance, attributes closely associated with the brand’s line of vehicles. The rounded shield shape of the logo can signify protection and reliability, highlighting the robustness and safety of Artega cars.

The word “Artega” in bold white letters at the top provides a clear identification. The use of lowercase letters, apart from the first ‘A,’ suggests approachability and friendliness, possibly hinting at the brand’s customer-centric approach. The small serifs add an element of sophistication and refinement to the logo, paralleling the brand’s commitment to detail and design aesthetics in their automobiles.

Artega: Brand overview

Founded: 2006
Founder: Klaus Dieter Frers
Delbrück, Germany
In 2006, the German automobile industry witnessed the birth of a new player in the form of Artega, envisioned by Klaus Dieter Frers, an erstwhile designer from BMW. With the ambition to carve out a niche in the production of luxury sports cars, Artega was poised to make a notable mark.

The Artega GT, the company’s first model, was showcased to the world in 2007. It was a mid-engine coupe that featured Volkswagen V6 power and came with a hefty price tag of around $150,000. However, despite its impressive debut, Artega soon faced challenges.

To propel the company forward in 2010, Frers brought in external investment, giving up his majority control. Unfortunately, the company’s sales did not significantly improve. In 2012, Artega grappled with financial instability due to sluggish sales and high overheads, ultimately leading to the company filing for bankruptcy and the production line temporarily halting.

The same year saw a silver lining as Frers reacquired Artega with plans to revitalize the company under new management. In 2019, in keeping with evolving automotive trends, Artega presented its all-electric model, the Artega Karo, underscoring the company’s intent to reposition itself as a niche electric vehicle manufacturer.

Although commercial success has been elusive, Artega’s design and performance standards have received acclaim from critics. Despite their ventures into the luxury sports car market, the road to becoming a profitable mainstream entity still stretches ahead.

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