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The spiky font and golden color make the Artistry logo look very sublime. The reference to the oriental style is not accidental because the cosmetics manufacturer uses natural beauty recipes worldwide. Harmony, brevity, sophistication, and moderation are all embodied in one short inscription.

Artistry: Brand overview

United States
Artistry is an American brand that produces skincare and cosmetic products. It was founded in 1968 by Edith Rehnborg. The brand is now owned by Amway, a multi-level marketing company headquartered in Ada, Michigan. His logo is currently known in more than 50 countries around the world, where it represents the products manufactured by the Access Business Group.

Meaning and History

Artistry Symbol

The brand uses the stylized letter “A” as a personal symbol. It has a complex structure and consists of several strokes that outwardly resemble a hieroglyph. This concept was pushed not only by designers but also by the administration to demonstrate a connection with the fashion industry’s eastern direction. Graceful curves, flowing lines, sandy palette reflect confidence and femininity.

What is Artistry?

Artistry – an American brand specializing in skincare and decorative cosmetics. Its product list includes over 400 items, which it sells in over 50 countries. The trademark is owned by Amway, with its headquarters in Ada, Michigan.

Artistry: Interesting Facts

Artistry is a well-known makeup and skincare brand of the Amway company. It started in the 1950s with a husband-and-wife team that wanted to mix science with natural stuff to make better skin products.

  1. How It Began: Back in the 1950s, a couple decided to make skincare products that are good for you because they mix science and natural ingredients.
  2. Famous Around the World: Artistry is one of the top five skincare brands that sell well worldwide, which shows people like their stuff.
  3. Lots of Choices: They have many products, such as serums to make skin look younger, moisturizers, makeup, and more, for all different kinds of skin needs.
  4. Big on Science: They spend much money and time on science to ensure their products work. They have their labs and work with skin experts.
  5. Unique Inventions: Artistry has created some cool science tricks in its products, like the Youth Xtend technology that helps skin look young.
  6. Made Just for You: Because everyone’s skin is different, they help you find perfect products with tools like the Artistry Skin Analyzer.
  7. Celebrities Like It: Famous people and makeup artists use Artistry, which makes more people want to try it.
  8. Sold Everywhere: Artistry is available in over 100 countries, so many people worldwide use its products.
  9. Helping Others: Artistry also involves charity work, such as supporting women and other good causes. This shows that artists care about more than just beauty.

Artistry has made a big name by focusing on quality, new ideas, and helping the community by offering products that mix the best parts of nature and science.

Font and Colors

Artistry Emblem

The logo consists of a capital “A” with the center bar and the left leg’s bottom. The silhouette strip has pointed ends twisted into a semi-curl. The rest of the letter is standard, typical of the printed sign: straight lines, sharp corners, clear geometry.

Some versions have text in the form of a trademark name. The inscription is made in a chopped typeface, which belongs to the category of grotesque. The palette of the emblem is restrained, sandy-golden.

Artistry color codes

Dark TanHex color:#8a8066
RGB:138 128 102
CMYK:0 7 26 46
Pantone:PMS 7497 C