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The As Seen On TV logo is simple and clear. The emblem directly addresses the viewers, inspiring trust and promising the best quality products they have seen on TV.

As Seen On TV: Brand overview

Founder:AJ Khubani
United States

As Seen On TV is a corporation under whose jurisdiction the sale of products advertised on television in the U.S. takes place. The company owns the online shopping platform New Easy, through which advertisers subsequently sell their products. It owns popular brands like Copper Fit, Flex Seal, Ped Egg, etc. The headquarters is in Florida.

Meaning and History

As Seen On TV Logo History

J. Khubani, the head and founder of Telebrands, was in charge of developing and implementing the idea of sales and the logo. The businessman once came up with direct TV advertising, during which one could call the company by phone. He later added the Internet, retail stores, and print publications. For his business, Khubani made the As Seen On TV logo. Today, the symbol is made public, and any company participating in the project can put it on its product.

What is As Seen On TV?

Founded in 2015, the corporation and the website through which several partners sell products advertised on TV via half-hour telethons or two-minute blocks in the middle of movies and shows. The website provides access to the catalog, easy payment, and parcel tracking and organizes returns.

2015 – today

As Seen On TV Logo

The emblem fully matches its purpose. The red background is in the shape of a TV screen. Inside, in white letters, is the name of the project, with the word TV emphasized in large capital letters. The shape of the symbol and the letter designation directly point to TV shows.

The visual technique of direct association and the name’s simplicity without hidden meanings helps customers quickly navigate during short advertising breaks. The emblem is designed for people who want to emulate TV stars and keep up with fashion. Buyers easily succumb to suggestions from advertisements, trust what is said on the screen, and dream of getting the best. Television show hosts are like stars to them, instilling trust. Therefore, the message “as seen on TV” appears attractive to the emblem’s target audience.

Font and Colors

Red and white are the optimal colors to attract the viewer’s attention. Red says: “Attention! Something important is coming up!”. White promises a novelty. The infomercial team holds inventor auditions, selecting interesting products for promotion. Therefore, As Seen on TV, Inc.’s offers are unique; you won’t find them in regular stores.

  • Red – signifies viewers’ love, the ability to present a product brightly and colorfully, the best offers, and discounts. The color symbolizes hot prices and sales.
  • White – conveys the idea of quality, honesty, and integrity. It advertises novelties.

The font of the inscription is straightforward and smooth, with a small twist – rounding at the ends of the letters. This approach signifies the easy capturing of the audience’s attention, a marketing move with the ability to present a product. Thanks to this, ordinary things instantly become popular and seem very necessary. The font is similar to Praline MCL.

As Seen On TV color codes

RedHex color:#f60000
RGB:246 0 0
CMYK:0 100 100 4
Pantone:PMS 172 C