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ASA: Brand overview

ASA, short for Autocostruzioni Società per Azioni, was an Italian automaker that existed from 1961 to 1969. The company’s goal was to create a compact and affordable sports car that could be a less expensive alternative to the expensive Ferrari models.

To realize this goal, ASA recruited former Ferrari engineers, including Giotto Bizzarrini, to design the chassis and Gioacchino Colombo to develop the engine. The Ferrari V12 engine created by Colombo became the basis for ASA’s engine development.

This collaboration led to the ASA 1000 GT, which was introduced in 1962. The car embodied the essence of Ferrari in its straight-4 and straight-6 engines housed in a compact, lightweight coupe body. The 1000 GT gained recognition and success on the racetrack, becoming the epitome of an affordable Italian sports car with a racing pedigree.

However, despite the recognition, ASA faced economic difficulties and was forced to cease operations in 1969. By the time of its closure, the company had produced only about 200 cars of all models. The lack of significant resources prevented the company from competing with stronger rivals in the long term. Nevertheless, the 1000 GT became an iconic Italian sports car.

The ASA came to symbolize Ferrari’s desire to combine Ferrari’s superior engineering in a more affordable car. Despite initial success, the company could not stay afloat and disintegrated less than a decade later.

Meaning and History

ASA Logo History

1961 – 1969

ASA Logo

The ASA logo consists of an abbreviation, which in Italian stands for “Autocostruzioni Società per Azioni.” It has the form of a bent triangle with two corners pointing downwards. The center element has the same shape and contains a white inscription in thin, curved capital letters. The background is a blue geometric figure, divided in half by a vertical stripe, on which stands out a pronounced red center. The emblem symbolizes confidence, reliability, growth, development, aspiration to new heights.

The emblem looks like a piece of a puzzle, which is impossible not to look at. Blue and red colors say that it is cool, but at the same time, it has a fiery side. The letters look like they were drawn with a very confident hand, which makes you think the company knows what it’s doing. And the shape? It’s not the usual circle or square but a fun triangle that has its own unique twist. The logo is like telling a mini story of a company that knows how to stand out and is confident.