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The Japanese manufacturer’s refreshing and crystal-clear beverage concept is reflected in its name and visual identity. “Morning Sun” is a textual logo of Asahi Breweries, symbolizing the uniqueness of Eastern taste and national flavor.

Asahi: Brand overview

Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
Asahi Breweries, Ltd. is a Japanese company offering a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The company’s first brewery (Osaka Beer) opened in 1889. The Asahi brand emerged a little later – in 1892, during the Meiji Restoration period.

Meaning and History

Asahi emblem

Asahi’s bottle labels have a recognizable design, thanks to the brand name depicted on the logo. The name itself comes from the Japanese language and means “morning sun.” The meaning embedded in the brand name fits into the concept of refreshing and crystal-clear beverages.

The unique wordmark was designed by leading graphic designer Bret Cyphert, known under the pseudonym Hyde’s Lovelies. He is a freelance specialist who graduated from the London University of the Arts. Bret Cyphert invented not just an unusual design but also his own Asahi font. The font was created from scratch, and the designer did not rely on other font types.

What is Asahi?

Asahi is a Japanese manufacturer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, whose name translates as “rising sun.” The company’s range mainly consists of various types of beer, including ale, stout, porter, pilsner, and lager. Other products include bottled water, tea, and cider. The company’s history began in 1889.

The logo was changed as part of a comprehensive company update, which affected even advertising campaigns and the taste of alcoholic beverages. Mid-level managers under the control of Mr. Higuchi were responsible for the revolutionary process.

Asahi: Interesting Facts

Asahi is a famous company that makes drinks, including beer, from Osaka, Japan. It started way back in 1889.

  1. Starting: It began as Osaka Beer Company with a big goal: to make beer that Japanese people would love. That’s how Asahi Beer came to be.
  2. Asahi Super Dry: In 1987, they made a new kind of beer called Asahi Super Dry. It was different because it wasn’t as sweet as other beers, and people in Japan liked it. This helped the company grow a lot.
  3. Going Global: Asahi didn’t just stay in Japan; it bought other famous beer brands worldwide, like Peroni and Grolsch. This helped Asahi become known worldwide.
  4. More Than Beer: Although Asahi is famous for beer, it also makes other drinks, such as soft drinks and whisky, to ensure everyone finds something they like.
  5. Caring for the Planet: Asahi works hard not to harm the environment. They use clean energy to make their drinks and try to make their packaging better for the Earth.
  6. Craft Beer: Asahi also makes craft beer, a special beer with unique tastes. Lots of people like trying different kinds of beer.
  7. Supporting Sports and Culture: Asahi helps by sponsoring sports teams and cultural events, not just in Japan but all over the world.
  8. Better Brewing Through Science: They use science to improve their beer, such as developing new brewing methods and yeast types that make it taste great.
  9. Winning Prizes: Asahi’s beers have won many awards, showing they’re good at making beer.

Asahi mixes old traditions with new ideas, keeps growing by entering new markets, and cares about the environment. They keep up with what people like to drink while ensuring their beer is top-notch.

Font and Colors

Asahi Emblem

The font conveys a unique Eastern flair. The letters are aligned horizontally, but they have many diagonal lines. Because of this, the letters seem positioned at a 45-degree angle.

The palette of the logo often changes and depends on the type of drink. The labels feature black, white, yellow, blue, and green “Asahi” inscriptions. They have an original design and are surrounded by a double outline. The inner contour is always light, and the outer one is the same color as the brand name. In the classic version, the background is white or silver. But the bottles can have any background.

Asahi symbol

A trademark sign in the form of curved wheat ears complements the emblem. At the bottom is the full name of the company (“Asahi Breweries Limited”) and the advertising slogan (“The Beer For All Seasons”).

In addition to the brand name, the label contains the kanji 辛口. This means “dry” (“karakuchi” in Japanese), which is also written at the top of the label, but in English.

Asahi color codes

Dark Powder BlueHex color:#004099
RGB:0 64 153
CMYK:100 58 0 40
Pantone:PMS 661 C