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Asia Motors: Brand overview

Asia Motors was a commercial vehicle manufacturer established in 1965 in Gwangju, South Korea. During its formative years, the company dedicated its efforts to constructing light trucks, buses, and passenger cars. It did so under licenses granted by European automakers, including the Italian giant Fiat.

Asia Motors found itself under new ownership in 1976 when it was bought by Kia Motors, which was then broadening its manufacturing base in South Korea. Despite the acquisition, Asia Motors maintained its production of licensed models from Fiat and Hillman, even as it began to produce vehicles branded as Kia.

As time passed, the 1980s and 1990s saw an increasing overlap between the models produced by Asia Motors and those from Kia. Eventually, in 1999, Kia chose to consolidate its production under its singular brand, leading to the winding down of the Asia Motors marque.

At the height of its operations, Asia Motors produced over 150,000 vehicles annually across its three manufacturing facilities before eventually being assimilated into Kia, its parent company. After 34 years of production as an independent entity and under Kia’s ownership, the Asia Motors nameplate was finally retired in 1999.

Meaning and History

Asia Motors Logo History

1986 – 1994

Asia Motors Logo 1986

1994 – 1999

Asia Motors Logo

The logo of the South Korean company, when it was still in operation, repeated the logo of its parent company, Kia Motors. It was the same horizontal oval with a red border and lettering on a white background. The ellipse was topped and bottomed by a broad line tapering to the sides, giving the symbol a dynamic look. The word “Asia,” located inside, was written in bold type. The letters were capitalized, solid, and large. The letter “S” stood out with its refined tips. Below the oval was the full name of the car manufacturer, stylized to match the text above.

The oval design gives the impression that it is in motion, like a wheel rushing down the road. The red border also gives it energy. The word “Asia” in bold lettering seems to say, “Hey, look at us, we are confident!”. The letter “S” with little fancy tips, as if twisted abruptly in the middle. Both the top and bottom text are in the same style, which unifies them very well. It all shows balance but still looks very cool and casual.