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The Asking Alexandria logo is original and reflects the brand’s main principle – “music for people from people.” The textual sign symbolizes the confidence in protection from negative consequences that the band’s creativity instills in listeners.

Asking Alexandria: Brand overview

Founded:2006 – present
Founder:Ben Bruce
York, North Yorkshire, England
Asking Alexandria is a music group created by guitarist and backing vocalist Ben Bruce. He founded it in 2006 in Dubai. Later, he moved to the UK and completely changed the band’s lineup. The genres in which the band works include electronic rock, alternative, hard rock, heavy metal, post-hardcore, and metalcore.

Meaning and History

Asking Alexandria Logo History

The band’s emblem features its name, which has existed since 2006 and was retained in 2008 after the relocation. Ben Bruce himself came up with it while living in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. He used a common human name, adhering to the concept of “people for people.”

The words “Asking” and “Alexandria” share the common letter “A.” It occupies two lines and looks original due to its elongated strokes. The font of the inscription is individual: all characters are wide, uneven, sans serif. To emphasize visual individuality, the logo looks like a frame from an old movie. Grain, noise, and stripes that distort the image create a retro effect.

What is Asking Alexandria?

Asking Alexandria is a British metalcore band formed in 2008. They perform music in genres like у lectronicore, metalcore, and post-hardcore. Their style combines aggressive vocals, complex guitar riffs, fast percussion, and elements of electronics. The band has released several albums, including “From Death to Destiny,” “Reckless & Relentless,” and “Stand Up and Scream.”

The emblem is found on album covers released from 2009 to 2013. The Black (2016) and Asking Alexandria (2017) collections depict a completely different graphic sign. In those cases, the band’s name is written in small letters of the same size. The font is classic with serifs. Large spaces separate the characters.

There is also another logo: two letters “A” joined in the shape of the letter “M.” This version has never been used for the design of studio albums.

Asking Alexandria: Interesting Facts

Asking Alexandria is a rock band from Britain that’s known for mixing metal music with electronic sounds. The band started in 2006 in Dubai and then moved to England, where they became popular.

  1. Starting: Ben Bruce made the band in Dubai, but they got going when they moved to England in 2008 and changed some band members.
  2. How They Got Their Name: The story behind Asking Alexandria’s name is a bit of a mystery. It might mean something special to Ben Bruce, who started the band.
  3. First Big Album: Their first album, “Stand Up and Scream,” came out in 2009, and many people liked it. It was different because it mixed metal music with electronic music.
  4. Singers Coming and Going: Danny Worsnop, the first main singer, left in 2015, and another singer, Denis Stoff, took over for a bit. But then Danny came back in 2016, making fans happy.
  5. Changing Sound: Their music has changed to include more rock and alternative styles, especially in their albums “The Black” and “Asking Alexandria.”
  6. Awards: The band has been nominated for and won several awards, which shows that they’re good at what they do.
  7. Tours Around the World: They’ve toured with famous bands like Guns N’ Roses and have fans everywhere.
  8. Cool Cover Songs: They’ve made their versions of songs by other artists like Akon and Ed Sheeran, which shows they can play different kinds of music.
  9. Loyal Fans: The band’s fans, who call themselves the “AA Family,” love the band and consider them very important.

Asking Alexandria’s journey from Dubai to becoming a big name in metal music shows how talented they are and how they’ve changed their music to keep things interesting. They care about their music and their fans.

Font and Colors

Asking Alexandria Emblem

The musicians approved a font for the logo resembling Helvetica. They chose it for its straight lines and the confidence it instills. The wide letters resemble an unbreakable wall behind which one can hide from the negative circumstances of the external world. Both words share the common letter “A,” giving the emblem durability, integrity, and unity of ideas.

Asking Alexandria Symbol

The color palette was chosen to be maximally simple – monochromatic. Depending on the situation and location, it can be colored in three combinations: ash on charcoal, black on white, and, like a negative on photographic film, white on black.

Asking Alexandria color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C