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Aspark: Brand overview

In 2005, Masanori Yoshida founded Aspark in Osaka, Japan, which initially focused on recruitment. However, around 2010, the company shifted its focus to the electric vehicle (EV) technology sector by introducing concept models of electric sports cars.

By 2018, Aspark had moved from concepts to actual production, introducing the Aspark Owl all-electric hypercar. The Owl was designed for staggering speeds in excess of 400 km/h and blistering acceleration. In an effort to enter the high-end hypercar market, Aspark set an impressive price tag of around $3.5 million for the Owl.

Aspark planned to produce a limited batch of only 50 Owls. However, due to unforeseen delays and rising costs, even fewer cars than planned were produced by 2022. Despite boasting advanced EV technology, the company has not achieved significant sales and production numbers.

Aspark is an example of ambitious endeavors by startups seeking to penetrate the high-end electric sports car market traditionally occupied by major automakers. The company’s future trajectory remains uncertain, but its bold efforts to push the boundaries of what electric vehicles can do, especially with models like the Owl, have attracted significant attention.

Meaning and History

Aspark Logo History

2005 – today

Aspark Logo

The Aspark logo is really unique. It consists of several lines with tapering ends. These lines are arranged in a special way that turns simple stripes into an unusual emblem. One of them runs horizontally and has curved ends, from which two lines resembling elephant tusks branch upwards. All three elements are made in different shades of blue. The fourth line is gray and looks like a shadow. In fact, this whole design is actually a stylized letter “A,” which is the first letter of the company name. The full company name is at the bottom and is written in bold capital letters.

What’s interesting about this logo is the play of shapes and colors. The shades of blue suggest something high-tech and advanced, while the gray line gives depth as if it were 3D. The design doesn’t just have random lines; they form the letter “A,” which is like a secret message that you can only get if you look closely. It’s not showy, but it still makes you think.