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The fame of the quality of the cars has spread far beyond the country of manufacture, says the Aston Martin logo. The emblem promises a combination of elegant design and modern equipment. The car will fly silently without touching the road.

Aston Martin: Brand overview

Founded:15 January 1913
Founder:Lionel Martin, Robert Bamford
Gaydon, Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom
Aston Martin is a premium vehicle that combines luxury, refinement, speed, and quality. The company’s history began in 1913, when Lionel Martin, a passionate car racing enthusiast, decided to build his car. Together with Robert Bamford, they founded the Bamford & Martin company and were engaged in cars’ production and sale. The first Aston Martin racing car appeared in 1915. It gets its name from the name of the founder and the Aston Hill, which Lionel raced on.

Meaning and History

Aston Martin Logo History

The history of the Aston Martin brand is not easy. The company has experienced crises more than once. For more than a hundred years, it has changed several owners. And only in 2012, Aston Martin became independent. Of course, the lineup of those at the helm of the company influenced the logo. But, despite frequent changes, there were no cardinal transformations. All Aston Martin logos except the first had wings, making the emblem one of the world’s most recognizable. The fenders (according to many experts, they are borrowed from Bentley) symbolize the main features of all cars of the brand: speed, freedom, dream.

What is Aston Martin?

It is a company from Great Britain, which produces sports cars and supercars. All its cars are made by hand, and each one has a plaque with the name of the person who made it.

1921 – 1926

Aston Martin Logo 1921-1926

The first Aston Martin logo appeared in 1921. It was elegant and laconic: a circle in which the letters A and M are superimposed. The classic strict font, black letters, and a circle, a bronze background make the logo stylish and expensive.

1927 – 1930

Aston Martin Logo 1927-1930

In 1927, the Aston Martin logo was changed for the first time. These were the most dramatic changes in his history. Wings, symbolizing speed, replaced the circle. The letters were replaced with the full name of the company. The inscription is located so that the letter M, located in the center, is connected with the horizontal elements of two letters, T. Only the bronze color, strict font, and laconicism remained from the previous logo.

1930 – 1932

Aston Martin Logo 1930-1932

In 1930, it was decided to change the bronze color of the logo to silver. Also, the wings have sharpened, acquired a clearer outline. Even though the new Aston Martin logo has become more solid, it lasted only two years.

1932 – 1939

Aston Martin Logo 1932-1939

In 1932, the Aston Martin logo became similar to today. The wings acquired “feathers” and became smoother; the company name was inscribed in a rectangle and placed in the center. Silver was replaced by gold and black. The new logo looked more luxurious and outperformed the previous one. This allowed him to last longer than earlier versions – 7 years.

1939 – 1950

Aston Martin Logo 1939-1950

The logo of the 40s differed from what it had in the 30s only in color: gold was replaced by silver. These minor changes made the logo stricter. It was he who became the basis of the emblem that we see today.

1950 – 1971

Aston Martin Logo 1950-1971

In 1947, a significant change took place in Aston Martin’s history: David Brown became its owner. With his arrival, the company began to develop rapidly. Of course, the changes were reflected in the logo.

In 1950, David Brown’s name appeared above the Aston Martin lettering, written in a slightly smaller size. The background color is now beige with thin silvery lines. Thus, it was possible to achieve a feeling of lightness and freedom.

1971 – 1972

Aston Martin Logo 1971-1972

The logo has been updated again. Silver was replaced by gold again. This option was perhaps the most luxurious, but it did not last long. The reason for this was a change in leadership.

1972 – 1984

Aston Martin Logo 1972-1984

In 1972, Aston Martin was acquired by Company Developments Ltd. This led to the disappearance of the name of David Brown from the emblem. The old main color was replaced by a new one – cold gray. The lines remained gold but lighter.

1984 – 2003

Aston Martin Logo 1984-2003

Even though the logo updated in 1984, according to experts, is not the best one, it lasted almost 20 years. The enlarged inscription, thickened lines, and narrowed letters made the emblem more brutal and less sophisticated.

2003 – 2021

Aston Martin Logo 2003-2021

2003 saw the opening of the new Aston Martin headquarters. And in the same year, a logo appeared, which is still relevant today. It has become more elegant and modern. Now the words Aston Martin are located in a green rectangle; the lines have become more elegant.

The emblem embodies the main features of Aston Martin cars: prestige, professionalism, speed, freedom, superiority. Simple font, minimalism, and cool silver color indicate that the Aston Martin brand is reliable and expensive; its cars are good at all times.

2021 – today

Aston Martin Logo 2021-present

The updated emblem consists of the same elements as the previous logo because the redesign did not touch the overall style but individual details. Now, ribs appeared on the spread wings, separating adjacent feathers from each other. Thin lines are voluminous, convex, while wide stripes between them are hollow and visually located below their level. This visual effect is created by applying shadows under the upper edges of the raised ribs.

Below (at the junction of the wings), a small triangular notch is formed, resembling a bird’s short tail with a forked end. This stylistic trick further connects the emblem of the automotive brand with fast flight and high speeds. In the center of the horizontal rectangle is the name of the car company. It is also made in ribbed type with a 3D effect, so it seems that the letters protrude slightly from the surface.

In 2016 (according to some sources in 2017), the company registered a new logo, which is a double-framed circle with intersecting V-shaped lines. It does not look like the usual wings but rather resembles the first logo from 1921-1926. According to the brand representatives, the new emblem will be used for branding clothing, accessories, souvenirs, etc.

Aston Martin: Interesting Facts

Aston Martin is a famous British luxury sports car maker known for its style, speed, and uniqueness.

  1. Beginnings: Founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford, the name Aston Martin comes from the Aston Hill climb, a race where Martin’s cars did well. They started with race cars and later made passenger cars.
  2. James Bond: Aston Martin cars are famously linked with James Bond, the spy from the movies. The Aston Martin DB5 first appeared in the 1964 movie “Goldfinger” and became Bond’s go-to car.
  3. Racing: Aston Martin has a deep racing history, including winning the Le Mans 24 Hours race in 1959 with its DBR1 car, driven by Carroll Shelby and Roy Salvadori.
  4. Design: Aston Martins are known for their beautiful designs, sleek lines, and signature grille. They’re also luxury cars that perform well.
  5. Exclusivity: The company makes a limited number of cars to ensure each is special, adding to their appeal.
  6. Innovation: Despite its old roots, Aston Martin uses new tech to improve its cars’ performance, efficiency, and driving experience, such as better aerodynamics and electric tech.
  7. Beyond Cars: Aston Martin is expanding its luxury brand by offering luxury goods and real estate, like the Aston Martin Residences in Miami.
  8. Ups and Downs: The company has had its financial struggles, including bankruptcies, but has always returned, thanks to dedicated investors and fans.
  9. Collaborations: Aston Martin often collaborates with other luxury brands to create unique cars and products, showing its dedication to quality and luxury.
  10. Going Green: The company is working on electric and hybrid cars to meet new demands and reduce environmental impact.

Aston Martin combines great design, engineering, and a racing spirit, making it a highly respected name in the car world.

Font and Colors


Most versions of the Aston Martin logo, including the modern one, are dominated by silver. And this is no coincidence. It is associated with sophistication, grace, elegance, wealth, self-confidence. Black, which is also in the logo, symbolizes prestige, sophistication, strength, and power. The company name is on a green background. This color was not chosen by chance because it personifies prosperity, wealth, and reliability. Thus, the entire color scheme of the Aston Martin logo speaks of the company’s authority and stability, that cars are not available to everyone, emphasize the high status of their owner.

Aston Martin Symbol

In graphic design, type is very important. It can both improve the company’s image and spoil it. A simple, uncluttered sans serif font is chosen for the Aston Martin logo. He is sophisticated and strict, combines strength and determination. And it goes well with all the other elements of the logo.

Aston Martins color codes

MosqueHex color:#00655f
RGB:0 101 95
CMYK:100 0 6 60
Pantone:PMS 561 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What does the Aston Martin logo mean?

The wings depicted on the Aston Martin logo symbolize dreams, freedom, and speed. They are the creative flight of the mind, aspiration to the top of success. By using the wings, the company shows respect for its historical heritage.

What does the Aston Martin emblem look like?

The Aston Martin emblem consists of two symmetric parts that resemble wings. Numerous quadrangles of different shapes form two rows of feathers. At the top is a green rectangular plate with the white inscription ‘ASTON MARTIN.’

Is Aston Martin owned by Ford?

No. The Aston Martin brand was owned by Ford Motor Company from 1994 to 2007 until it was sold to a group of investors.

Is Aston Martin still British-owned?

Various people own Aston Martin shares, and most of them are indeed British. But the consortium that owns 25% of the shares is headed by Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll.