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Asuna: Brand overview

Asüna, a subsidiary of General Motors Canada, was established in 1992 to sell imported vehicles customized for Canadian consumers. The brand name, Asüna, was an amalgamation of the words “Asia” and “Canada,” reflecting its primary objective of selling Asian-made vehicles in the Canadian market.

In its early days, Asüna launched two models, the Sunrunner convertible and the GT coupe, which were essentially rebranded versions of models originally created by Isuzu. As the brand evolved, the SE sedan and GT hatchback were introduced, modified versions of the LeMans from GM Korea were introduced, and Canadian preferences were taken into account.

Despite all these efforts, Asüna failed to gain the expected success in the market. Stiff competition from well-known brands proved to be a serious obstacle, and the brand was unable to generate satisfactory sales.

Just two years later, in 1994, General Motors decided to phase out the Asüna brand. This decision was part of GM’s broader strategy to optimize its portfolio of import brands, which was struggling at the time. By the time the brand was phased out, there were approximately 13,000 Asüna vehicles in Canada.

In hindsight, Asüna is an example of GM’s strategy to appeal to a younger demographic with flashy import models. Unfortunately, despite the promising concept, the brand failed to establish a sustainable commercial presence.

Meaning and History

Asuna Logo History

1993 – 1994

Asuna Logo

The Asuna logo contains text with two distinctive dots above the letter “u,” which sets it apart from similar ones. Interestingly, miniature squares are used instead of dots for greater uniqueness. The title is written in curved lines, with a good mix of angles and rounded edges. Above the name, there is a triangle, the base of which is an elongated ellipse. All elements are colored in black.

The logo has a mysterious atmosphere because everything in it is black. The little squares above the letter “u” are a funny twist, as if the logo has its own secret language. The combination of the triangle and ellipse gives the logo a sense of balance as if it is down-to-earth yet upward-looking. The logo is simple enough to remember, but there are little details that make you think, “Hmmm, this is pretty cool.”