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The Asuna logo includes a uniquely stylized brand name featuring two characteristic squares above the “u,” distinguishing it from the competition. Interestingly, miniature squares are used here for a touch of originality instead of typical umlaut dots. The brand’s name is rendered in sinuous lines that harmoniously combine angles and curves. Positioned above the name is a triangle, with its base formed by a lengthy ellipse. All components of the logo are colored black.

The small squares in place of the umlaut dots above the “u” in Asuna inject intrigue and innovation into the logo. This unexpected twist helps to make the logo memorable. It emphasizes the brand’s willingness to break away from the norm and tread uncharted paths, a trait highly valued in today’s competitive markets.

The fluid lines forming the brand’s name demonstrate elegance and dynamism, attributes the brand likely seeks to project in its offerings. The interplay of angles and curves in the typography suggests a perfect balance between strategic planning and artistic creativity, underlining the brand’s commitment to delivering products or services that effectively marry form and function.

The triangle symbol perched above the name carries a wealth of symbolism. Triangles represent concepts like stability, power, and upward progression in various cultures and fields. This means the brand’s aspiration to achieve and maintain steady growth, drawing strength from a stable foundation. The elongated ellipse forming the triangle’s base signifies the vast world or market that the brand aims to cater to or influence.

The choice of black as the logo’s color communicates strength, sophistication, and seriousness. In the context of branding, black is often associated with authority and elegance – traits that a company would aspire to be recognized for.

Asuna: Brand overview

Founded:April 12, 1992 – July 1, 1994
Founder:General Motors
Asüna, a subsidiary of General Motors Canada, was created in 1992 to market imported cars customized for Canadian consumers. The brand’s name, Asüna, was an amalgamation of Asia and Canada, reflecting its primary purpose of selling Asian-made vehicles in the Canadian market.

At its inception, Asüna launched two models, the Sunrunner convertible and the GT coupe, which were essentially rebranded versions of designs originally by Isuzu. As the brand evolved, it introduced the SE Sedan and GT hatchback, modified versions of the LeMans model from GM Korea, and catered to Canadian preferences.

Despite these efforts, Asüna couldn’t gain the anticipated traction in the market. Fierce competition from established brands proved a significant hurdle, and the brand couldn’t generate satisfactory sales.

In just two years, by 1994, General Motors decided to phase out the Asüna brand. This decision was part of GM’s broader strategy to streamline its imported brands portfolio, which was struggling at the time. By the time the brand was retired, approximately 13,000 Asüna vehicles had found homes in Canada.

In retrospect, Asüna exemplifies GM’s strategy to cater to a younger demographic with flashy imported models. Unfortunately, the brand couldn’t establish a sustainable commercial presence despite its promising concept.

Meaning and History

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