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The wires of the organization wrapped around the whole Earth. The AT&T logo shows the scale of the telecommunications leader and the stability of its work. The symbols show the speed and continuity of the signal. In the “heart” of the company, there is enough energy, and the most modern technologies are used.

AT&T: Brand overview

Founded:October 5, 1983
Founder:Alexander Graham Bell and Gardiner Greene Hubbard
Dallas, Texas, U.S.
AT&T differs from other telecommunications companies in its scale. It is one of the largest enterprises in the specialized US market, which provides wireless and fixed communication services to both private users and international corporations.

Meaning and History

AT&T Logo History

The telecom giant’s identity has been influenced by structural reorganizations and conflicts with the US government, so its history can be traced back to AT&T emblems. And she is very rich because this company was founded by one of the founders of telephony – Alexander Graham Bell.

What is AT&T?

It is an American telecommunications tycoon, the largest conglomerate providing local and long-distance telephone communications, and the second-largest cellular operator in the United States. He has been working in the profile market since 1885.

1885 – 1900

American Telephone and Telegraph Company Logo 1885-1900

In 1885, based on the Bell Telephone Company, the American Telephone and Telegraph Company was created, engaged in laying cable lines for long-distance communications. Its logo reflected the Bell name: the artists depicted a black bell with the white inscription “LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE” in a frame of three quadrangles.

1900 – 1921

American Telephone and Telegraph Company Logo 1900-1921

At the beginning of the new millennium, the emblem became round. The words “LOCAL AND” have been added before the phrase on the bell to clarify the company’s scope. Also, new inscriptions appeared: “AMERICAN TELEPHONE & TELEGRAPH CO. AND ASSOCIATED COMPANIES “in a ring,” BELL SYSTEM “in a circle, and” 1900 “outside geometric shapes.

1921 – 1939

American Telephone and Telegraph Company Logo 1921-1939

For regional companies, the same logo was used, but with different inscriptions. In the upper half of the ring was the company’s name, and in the bell was the phrase “BELL SYSTEM.”

1939 – 1964

American Telephone and Telegraph Company Logo 1939-1964

In 1939, the design of the bell was slightly changed. The font has become clear and strict.

1964 – 1966

American Telephone and Telegraph Company Logo 1964

1966 – 1969

AT&T Logo 1966

The logo, adopted in 1964, first featured an abbreviated telecommunications company name: AT&T. It was on the left, above the phrase “and Associated Companies.” On the right was a mini bell in a black ring.

1969 – 1982

AT&T Logo 1969-1982

American graphic designer Saul Bass has simplified the logo by removing all unnecessary lettering. He left only the abbreviation “AT&T” (bottom) and a minimalist bluebell in a white circle (top).

1983 – 2003

AT&T Logo 1983

The US government did not like the fact that AT&T was a monopoly in its niche. To rectify the situation, it was forcibly divided into several parts. The authorities also banned her from using the old logo, which forced the designer of Soul Bass to redesign the identity elements. He changed the bell for a globe, giving the drawing a three-dimensional effect.

This is how the emblem called “Death Star” appeared. The globe consisted of twelve blue lines of varying thickness, which represented the telecommunications network. Under the segmented circle, as before, was the inscription “AT&T” in Omnes.

1999 – 2005

AT&T Logo 1999

In 1996, four lines were reduced by the improvised globe, but its size did not change because the remaining eight lines were increased.

2005 – 2015

AT&T Logo 2005-2015

When the company merged with SBC Communications, its logo acquired a full 3D effect. To do this, a radial gradient was added, the blue and white lines were swapped, and the globe had clear boundaries. The changes were intended to symbolize the expanding range of AT&T services. The letters in the inscription are now lowercase. The author of the new design is the Interbrand consulting agency.

2015 – today

AT&T Logo 2015-present

In 2015, Interbrand undertook another redesign with AT&T Brand Identity & Design. They developed the current version of the emblem, in which the white and blue stripes were reversed again – Circle two-dimensional like Death Star in 1982. Lettering moved to the upper case.

Font and Colors

AT&T Emblem

The graphical element used to be three-dimensional, but AT&T executives felt the 2D version better reflected the company’s image. It combines style, simplicity, versatility, and the absence of unnecessary details. As for the meaning of the circle, it remains a globe, which symbolizes the brand’s global nature. Lines, in turn, represent telecommunications links between cities.

From 1969 to 2005, the text on the logo was written in Omnes. In 2005, the designers switched to Avenir Medium, created by Adrian Frutiger. Moreover, as AT&T developed, not only the style of the inscription changed but also the size of the letters: until 2015, they were lowercase – an atypical solution for most companies.

There is a smooth transition from the classic black and white monochrome to the signature black and white and blue palette for the color matching.

AT&T color codes

Spanish Sky BlueHex color:#00a8e0
RGB:0 168 224
CMYK:100 25 0 12
Pantone:PMS 801 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What is the AT&T logo?

The AT&T logo is a symbol of the global reach of communications and an iconic display of the company’s global services. It consists of alternating curved blue and white stripes that form the outline of a circular planet.

What did AT&T originally stand for?

The name AT&T is an acronym. It is formed from the expanded form of the name, which originally stands for American Telephone & Telegraph.

How do I create an AT&T logo?

To create an AT&T logo, you need to use a graphics editor and design manuals. There are also a large number of tutorials on YouTube that cover this topic in detail.

Who designed the original AT&T logo?

Saul Bass designed the original globe-shaped AT&T logo. He also created the final bell emblem, reducing it to minimalism. Interbrand designed the first curved stripe.