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The Auburn logo is full of strength, stability, and perfect balance. Properly fitted car parts ensure a smooth and quiet ride. The emblem predicts growth and expansion from its founding place around the world.

Auburn: Brand overview

Founded:1900 – 1937
Founder:Frank and Morris Eckhart
Auburn, Indiana, United States

Auburn was an American automaker active in the early days of the automobile industry (1900)—opened by the Eckhart family. The Auburn logo adorned models from A to K, 8-100A Custom, 652Y Custom Phaeton Sedan, and 851 Phaeton Sedan. The plant also produced Duesenberg and Cord brands.

Initially, the company seemed to have a great future ahead of it. A promising new niche is cars, experience, and financial support from his father, who was engaged in horse-drawn carriages (1875) in his factory. The Eckhart brothers had every chance of success. The war interfered. The business has been sold. Three subsequent owners also went bankrupt. And in 1937, the brand sunk into oblivion.

Meaning and History

Auburn Logo History

The brand emblem conveyed the spirit and image of the machines of that time, combined with their technical characteristics. There was also an inextricable connection with geographical location.

The sign has a black pentahedron with an acute downward angle, a double white border, and inscriptions in the middle. The image matched the front of the car’s hood, pointing to the brand’s successful model: the Speedster. Its price was three times lower than for similar machines from other manufacturers, which made it possible to produce 22 thousand of copies in 1929.

What is Auburn?

An old brand of cars started in 1900 with the release of open touring cars that existed before the invention of the sedan body. Representatives of Hollywood also appreciated luxury cars. The plant was in Indiana.

The name of the brand, placed in the center of the background, is given in honor of the city where the company was founded. The history of Auburn and machine production is closely intertwined since the enterprise appeared in the same year the village was granted the city’s status.

The simultaneous transformation of the village into a city and the shops for the production of carriages into a car factory laid the foundations of friendship and mutual support. The enterprise brought fame and jobs, and the city kept the brand’s memory alive for many years after its dissolution by organizing a museum.

There is an affinity in visual signs as well. The emblem of the plant very accurately repeats the seal of the city of Auburn. The main difference is in the background color. Instead of Indiana’s lower inscription on the logo, the company was founded: Established 1900.

The double piping indicates the white color of the tires on many models. In a figurative sense, closed lines hint at safety, thoughtfulness, build quality, and maximum protection for the buyer.

Font and Colors

Auburn Symbol

The main colors – black and white – embody elegance and the main shades of cars. They indicate reliability and constant updating of the model range.

The font is unique. The unusual shape of the letters U resembles the main and secondary roads at the junction. The company joins a large family of automakers and becomes part of the global community. Small serifs show the elegance of the machines and the presence of details that emphasize the high class of products.

Auburn color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C