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The Audi Sport logo combines expression and balance, indicating the car’s well-balanced running gear. The emblem demonstrates the cars’ ability to stay in the race and successfully finish.

Audi Sport: Brand overview

Audi Sport is a special division of the Audi car brand specializing in high-speed models with powerful engines. It belongs to Volkswagen AG. The Audi Sport logo adorns the RS4, 5, 6, 7, RS Q3, and A8 W12 models.

The manufacturer’s history began in 1983, and it inherited the racing tradition of Audi. Based on the experience of previous models tested on the tracks, masterpieces have been created from the Audi RS (1994) to the RS Q3 (2012).

Meaning and History

Audi Sport Logo History

The company’s emblem is like the manufacturer’s beating heart, through the arteries of which speed runs and love pulsates.

What is Audi Sport?

Manufacturer of German sports cars based on Audi models, accessories, and auto parts. Occupies the premises of the former NSU Motorenwerke AG factory. Headquarters in the German city of Neckarsulm.

1983 – 2016

Quattro GmbH Logo 1983

In 1983, the company known as Audi Sport was founded under the name Quattro, marking a significant step in its development. The name was deliberately chosen to evoke the iconic Audi Quattro model, which gained fame for its pioneering all-wheel-drive system that distributes power to all four wheels. This technology greatly enhanced car performance on race tracks and in challenging road conditions, helping the brand earn a unique reputation among automotive enthusiasts.

The logo introduced during that period was noted for its originality and innovation. The company name was rendered in a futuristic geometric font, where each character resembled a pipe bent in a specific style. This unique design approach symbolizes the company’s high-tech orientation and ability to customize cars according to its client’s wishes and settings.

The logo design metaphorically reflected the idea of transformation—turning a standard car into something outstanding and unique, fully aligning with the brand’s spirit of innovation and customization. The name “Quattro” emphasized the main advantage of the tuned models—enhanced performance and improved technical specifications.

2016 – today

Audi Sport Logo

The logo is represented by a red tetrahedron with a forward inclination and a stylish inscription with even rounded letters.

The rectangle is associated with several elements:

  • A red flag during a race tells the competitor to stop the cars to retire due to an emergency. The appearance of an Audi Sport car on the track is such an incident. All other participants in the race can only leave the track, as they lost.
  • Section of the road. The slope symbolizes movement. The company creates race cars for tracks.
  • Along the edges of the racing track are curbs of white and red rectangles. The name in the logo seems to represent a car that drives along the road, and the rectangle on the side indicates the boundaries.

The inscription and bright colors of the logo demonstrate the unique style and attractiveness of the machines. Each model is individual and created for outstanding personalities.

Font and Colors

The emblem’s color is bright red, associated with sports, speed, and racing. It conveys the manufacturers’ passionate attitude to the cause and buyers’ love for the company’s brand. The emblem emphasizes the exclusivity of models.

Lettering font Vast XL Medium. In rounded symbols are car bodies’ streamlining, strength, and elegance.