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Aurea: Brand overview

Aurea was founded in 1920 in Turin, Italy, as Societa Italiana Ferrotaie, which translates to “Italian Railroad Company.” However, two years later, in 1922, it was transformed into Fabbrica Anonima Torinese Automobili (FATA) and refocused on automobile production.

Known for its luxury and sports cars, Aurea built its reputation on advanced engineering and design, such as overhead camshaft engines. The 1920s saw several outstanding Aurea models, such as the Tipo 31, 41, 48, and 54, powered by powerful 6-cylinder engines.

During its heyday, Aurea employed over 500 people and produced luxury cars for wealthy customers. Unfortunately, the Great Depression devastated Aurea, causing sales to plummet. Despite attempts to adapt by switching to producing more affordable small cars, the company was unable to turn the tide and went bankrupt in 1933.

During the 12 years of its existence, Aurea produced about 1800 cars. The brand symbolized Italy’s desire to compete with the luxury cars of France and England. However, it eventually fell victim to the financial turmoil of the 1930s.

Nowadays, Aurea cars are valuable collector’s items. They are a testament to the exceptional Italian engineering of the pre-war era and the craftsmanship of custom bodybuilding.

Meaning and History

Aurea Logo History

1921 – 1930

Aurea Logo

On the hood of Italian retro cars, there was a one-color logo with the model name. It had a rectangular shape with a triangular top and was placed in a double frame. Inside, on a black background, the word “Aurea” was written in Roman font in capital letters. The letters differed in height: the farther from the center, the smaller they became. The largest among them was the letter “R,” located in the center. But the most eye-catching of all was the final letter, “A,” with symmetrically twisted legs and bold dots at the end.

The logo is reminiscent of a trip back in time, sort of old school, but in a good way. The wavy “A” letters on the ends seem to dance, and the big “P” in the middle gives the word a balanced look. Against the black background, the letters stand out as if to say, “Hey, look at me!” but not annoyingly so. It’s like finding a little treasure on the hood of a car.