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The Aurora airline logo is a great example of a minimalistic design that is so expressive that it doesn’t require any additional embellishments. The emblem speaks of endless development, improvement, and growth. The carrier is a leader in its region and strives to provide passengers with the best conditions and maximum comfort on board.

In the center of the logo is written the name of the company Aurora, which is reminiscent of the magical northern light, which is called “Aurora Borealis.” This gives the impression that the company’s aircraft are traveling around the globe, breathing a magical atmosphere into their engines.

The logo’s symbol is the number “8”, which is located in the upper right corner, tilted to the left, and made in the same blue color as the company name. This figure symbolizes infinity, which refers to the endless possibilities that the airline provides to its customers.

The color blue, which dominates the logo, is associated with reliability, professionalism, and calmness, which is the main value of Aurora. They strive to provide their passengers with comfortable and reliable flights to anywhere in the world. Overall, the Aurora emblem reflects its values of customer-centricity, professionalism, and safety.

Aurora: Brand overview

Founded:November 2013
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia

Aurora is a subsidiary of the Russian Aeroflot (51% of shares). It serves the Far East region. It was created by order of Dmitry Medvedev in 2013 from two airlines of the region. The carrier’s fleet includes 19 aircraft of the Airbus, Bombardier, and Viking types for local and international flights. The main airports are located in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Meaning and History

Aurora Logo History

The company’s logo has remained unchanged since its inception. The combination of text and graphic elements forms an understanding of what the carrier does. Confident lines convince us of its reliability and professionalism. Elements are executed in one tone, which is associated with the sky and flights. Aurora is one of six carriers for which a common visual identity based on the company’s sign is being developed. Therefore, changes in the emblem should be expected soon.

What is Aurora?

A Russian airline that, by a 2022 decision, will become the center for the unification of all Far East carriers into a single enterprise, Aurora Regional. Six companies will receive a common visual identity, which Moscow designers are working on. Aurora’s aircraft fly in 30 directions: in the north of the country and beyond to China, Japan, and Korea.

2013 – today

Aurora Logo

The company’s logo consists of the name and the infinity symbol in the upper right corner. The design was worked on by the experienced British marketing agency Landor, part of the WPP Group.

The name Aurora was chosen in honor of the legendary Russian cruiser. The ship participated in the battles of the Russo-Japanese War and the First World War. However, it is most famous for a single salvo that signaled the start of the 1917 revolution. Interestingly, the cruiser itself was named after a sailing frigate distinguished in the Crimean War.

Aurora is also the Greek goddess of dawn. Therefore, the company’s name is associated with the sky. A taking-off airplane, like the rising sun, ascends to its zenith. Thanks to the carrier, the “dawn” will rise over the region, illuminating the most remote corners of the territory. People will be able to move easily and quickly between cities. Cold weather and snowdrifts will no longer hinder travel.

The famous name of the carrier did not appear immediately. Originally, the company was called Taiga.

The infinity sign consists of separate blue and white lines that symbolize runways. The loop has several meanings:

  • Closed circle. Airplanes fly along the same routes from point A to point B and back.
  • Round-the-clock and year-round operation. The airline has been working without a break since its creation.
  • Constancy and reliability. Aurora is recognized as the most punctual company in the region. No passengers have been harmed in the years of its existence.

The alternation of white and blue colors signifies the transition between day and night, takeoffs into the sky, and landings on the snow-covered ground.

Font and Colors

The blue color in the emblem symbolizes the sky, the airspace navigated by planes akin to large ships.

The shade is associated with technology and progress. The ability to fly in man-made vehicles speaks to the triumph of intellect and science. Aurora continues along the path of technological progress:

  • Regularly updating their aircraft fleet.
  • Ranking 4th in digitalization in Russia.

The color signifies professionalism. The company provides passengers with maximum comfort. On board, there is a free entertainment system AirFi Venus Box, and opportunities for making purchases, ordering meals, using a baby bassinet, accompanying a child, booking a hotel, etc.

The letters of the name are rendered in the logo in a round dark blue font. The round elements hint at the globe, telling of a desire to expand horizons to intercontinental travel.

Aurora color codes

Cool BlackHex color:#01295a
RGB:1 41 90
CMYK:99 54 0 65
Pantone:PMS 655 C