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The Austrian Airlines logo is not just a combination of red, the word “Austrian,” and an image of an airplane. It symbolizes the airline’s power, reliability, and safety and expresses its values.

The red color in the logo means energy, passion, and strength, and reflects the Austrian roots of the company, because red is the color of the national flag of Austria. The inscription “Austrian” personifies the idea of belonging to the country, its culture, and traditions. And finally, the image of the airplane is a symbol of the unlimited freedom and mobility that Austrian Airlines provides to its passengers.

The traditions of Austrian Airlines, which are reflected in its logo, include innovation, high-quality service, responsibility, and respect for passengers and the environment. The company logo is an integral part of its branding. It reminds passengers of their belonging to an airline that pays attention to every detail to provide them with the best flight experience.

Austrian Airlines: Brand overview

Founded: 30 September 1957
Founder: Lufthansa Group
Schwechat, Austria

Meaning and History

Austrian Airlines Logo History

1995 – 2003

Austrian Airlines Logo 1995

2003 – 2018

Austrian Airlines Logo 2003

2018 – today

Austrian Airlines Logo

Austrian Airlines color codes

Maximum Red Hex color: #dc0d15
RGB: 220 18 21
CMYK: 0 94 90 14
Pantone: PMS 485 C