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Automobiles Alba: Brand overview

Automobiles Alba, founded by the renowned French industrial company Constructions Métallurgiques, came into being in 1913 in Suresnes, France. Before World War I, Alba introduced a small two-seater car with a 1.1-liter engine, which gained a reputation as a high-quality machine built with reliable metallurgy and components supplied by the parent company.

After the war, Alba produced an improved Type A model. This car received a more powerful 1.5-liter engine, which allowed it to reach speeds in excess of 90 km/h. By the mid-1920s, the Type B model was introduced, which was characterized by increased power and design changes. Annual production peaked at about 100 units.

However, the high cost and limited production volume posed problems for Alba, especially as the French automobile industry was developing. In 1928, after producing about 2,000 cars in 15 years, Automobiles Alba ceased operations.

Although Alba did not last long, it represented an early era of French automobile manufacturing, which by the late 1920s was dominated by larger automakers.

Meaning and History

Automobiles Alba Logo History

1913 – 1920

Automobiles Alba Logo 1913

1920 – 1928

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1924 – 1928

Automobiles Alba Logo

The elegant lettering on the grille emphasized the extravagance of the retro-style cars. The font was smooth, demonstrating the cars’ ease of movement, elegance, and fashionability. The lettering was diagonal and was in lowercase, uppercase, and bold letters. The letters had a rounded shape, representing a group of soft fonts with smooth lettering. The background was white and neutral, so the golden text on it caught the eye and attracted attention.

The lettering seems to dance across the grille, showing that the car has a certain style. The slant of the text gives it a playful character. The golden color of the inscription looks very rich on the white background. It is as if the car is wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry, giving it a special appeal.