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Automobili Turismo e Sport: Brand overview

Automobili Turismo e Sport (ATS), an Italian automobile manufacturer, was founded in Bologna in 1962 by former Ferrari engineers Carlo Chiti and Giotto Bizzarrini. The company’s history dates back to the famous “palace riot” of 1961, when a group of engineers, including Chiti and Bizzarrini, decided to part ways with Ferrari.

Intent on competing with Ferrari, they formed ATS to create high-performance sports and racing cars. In 1963, ATS produced its debut car in Formula 1, and in the 1964 season, it repeatedly took podium places. However, a lack of funds prevented further racing development.

At the same time, ATS entered the production car market with the introduction of the 2500 GT road car in 1963. However, only about 100 cars were produced before the company ceased operations in 1965. The cause of ATS’s demise was poor management and financial difficulties that drove the company into bankruptcy after only a few years of operation.

Despite its short existence, ATS demonstrated considerable engineering potential. However, its ambition to become an independent player failed in the face of established industry giants.

Meaning and History

Automobili Turismo e Sport Logo History

1962 – 1965

Automobili Turismo e Sport Logo 1962

2012 – today

Automobili Turismo e Sport Logo

This car designer uses an abbreviated name in his logo rather than the full name. The abbreviation “ATS” has a unique shape: lowercase letters “a” and “s” look almost identical, as the first one has no traditional tail directed to the right. The letter “t” visually separates them with a very high vertical line going up to the frame. The geometric glyphs have a silver-chrome surface. Under them is a black-gray dragon with a wing painted in the color of the Italian flag. The spine of the mythical creature is covered with large spikes, and flames burst out of the mouth.

The dragon under the letters gives the logo a touch of magic and mystery. The spikes on the dragon’s back look like they are aimed at the cause, giving the impression that the car will be a force to be reckoned with. The flames bursting out of the dragon’s mouth give the impression that this car is very fast as if it is powered by dragon fire or something similar.