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Auverland: Brand overview

French automaker Auverland was founded in 1980 by François Servanen. Based in Saint-Germain-Laval, the company initially focused on building lightweight SUVs that resembled military jeeps.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Auverland expanded its scope to include the production of tactical armored vehicles designed primarily for military and security forces. Auverland vehicles, recognized for their ruggedness and durability, were used by French and international government agencies. Vehicles such as the A4 model are equipped with innovative safety systems, which has enhanced the brand’s reputation.

In 2005, Auverland acquired the Panhard brand, an established name in the automotive industry that had been lost under the ownership of Peugeot. This acquisition led to a merger of the brands, and Auverland began producing armored and light tactical vehicles under the Panhard brand.

Production of vehicles under the Panhard brand continued through the 2010s until the company began to wind down its operations. At the height of its success, Auverland had more than 250 employees building specialized off-road vehicles and off-road vehicles before fully transitioning to the Panhard brand.

Meaning and History

Auverland Logo History

1980 – 2009

Auverland Logo

The Auverland logo shows a hoofed animal with short horns, most likely a chamois, an animal that easily conquers both plains and uplands. This is similar to the kind of vehicles the company produces – four-wheel drive, armored, all-terrain, able to overcome even the roughest roads. The proud animal stands on its hind legs and looks to the right. In the left corner above it, you can see three stripes: blue, white, and red – the colors of the French flag. The chamois is colored bright blue and framed in a rectangle.

The chamois on the logo resembles a cool kid in the animal world, standing on its hind legs as if saying: “Look at me; I can go anywhere!”. The colors of the French flag seem to indicate the company’s roots. The chamois, painted in bright blue, is like the superstar of the logo, neatly framed, like a picture that you want to hang on the wall.