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In the features of the emblem, a composition is visible that has an ideal relationship with the skin. Therefore, cosmetics are perfectly perceived and absorbed. The Avene logo promises a great complexion, smoothing the skin and smooth, even contours without flaws.

Avene: Brand overview

Founder:Laboratoires Pierre Fabre
Paris, France
Avene is a French company that produces therapeutic cosmetics based on thermal water. It was born in 1975 when the pharmaceutical group Pierre Fabre bought the spa with a healing spring and developed unique skincare formulas.

Meaning and History

Avene Symbol

The Avene logo is consistent: it has never changed since it was introduced to the general public. And there is nothing super-original in it. It is a simple phrase, “Eau Thermale Avène,” without additional graphic signs. It is divided into two lines: the first two words are at the top, the third at the bottom.

The designers tried to convey the French charm of cosmetics while maintaining the classic proportions of the font. The lettering looks elegant, thanks to the combination of thin and wide lines. Serifs taper smoothly at the ends. The phrase “Eau Thermale” is depicted in capital print symbols. This differs from the word “Avène,” where all letters except “A” are lowercase.

What is Avène?

Avène is a cosmetic brand that offers skincare products based on water from silica-rich thermal springs. These products are suitable for sensitive and irritation-prone skin. The brand was created by the Bosset brothers (Pierre and Olivier), who own Pierre Fabre Laboratories. It was established in 1975.

The official color of the emblem is light pink. But other monochrome options are also used, mainly with a traditional black and white palette.

The cosmetics brand founder opted for a text logo to immediately give customers an idea of ​​his products and not mislead them or lead them into speculation. And to still add flavor to the information and advertising logo, he decided to focus on color. The nude shade of pink is perfect for skin care products: it conveys a feeling of softness, care, warmth, and elegance. The text is arranged in two lines: At the top, it says “EAU THERMALE” in capital letters, and at the bottom in French, “Avene” with an accent “e.” The background is pure white to make it stand out in pastel pink.

Avene: Interesting Facts

Avène is known for its skincare products tailored to sensitive skin and rooted in the therapeutic properties of its thermal spring water from France.

  1. Thermal Spring Water: Avène’s main ingredient is its thermal spring water, known for soothing and calming the skin. This water, enriched with minerals from the Cevennes Mountains in France, takes over 40 years to acquire its beneficial properties.
  2. Early Recognition: The healing powers of Avène’s water were discovered in 1736 when a horse with itchy skin healed after bathing in the Orb River. By 1743, Avène had its first thermal water facility, focusing on skin health.
  3. Hydrotherapy Center: In 1990, Avène opened a Hydrotherapy Center to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis using its thermal spring water, proving its effectiveness.
  4. Research and Development: Avène is dedicated to science, ensuring its products are safe and effective for sensitive skin through rigorous testing and innovation.
  5. Global Trust: Dermatologists and pharmacists worldwide recommend Avène for sensitive skin because of its gentle, effective products.
  6. Pharmaceutical Roots: Avène is part of Pierre Fabre Laboratories, the third largest French pharmaceutical company, highlighting its commitment to health and skincare.
  7. Wide Product Range: The brand offers everything from daily skincare and sun protection to products for specific skin issues, all utilizing thermal spring water.
  8. Worldwide Availability: Avène products are sold in over 100 countries, making its therapeutic skincare widely accessible.

Avène combines tradition with scientific research to provide effective skincare solutions for sensitive skin, building on a history that dates back to the 18th century.

Font and Colors

Avene Emblem

The developers chose a simple serif typeface for the logo. They are neat and small; therefore, they look harmonious, do not form a sharp transition from a narrow part to a wide one. Legs “R” and “M” are connected, just like “A” and “L.”

The color palette of the logo is unique – it inspires confidence and emphasizes care. To achieve this effect, the designers settled on a powdered pink – delicate, like the color of the plumage of a graceful flamingo.

Avene color codes

Burnt SiennaHex color:#f17255
RGB:241 114 85
CMYK:0 53 65 5
Pantone:PMS 1645 C