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The Avenged Sevenfold logo is a winged terror, as the musical group works in metal and hard rock genres. It expresses the peak emotions of confronting negative energy and injustice. Behind the mystical emblem hides the desire to improve our world.

Avenged Sevenfold: Brand overview

Founded:1999 – present
Founder:Matt Sanders, James Sullivan, Zachary Baker and Matt Wendt
Huntington Beach, California, U.S.

Avenged Sevenfold is an American heavy metal band formed in 1999. It consists of 5 members, on account of 8 major albums and 25 singles. The Avenged sevenfold logo is recognizable in the world of music. The band holds second place in the ranking of the best bands of the decade (Ultimate Guitar).

Avenged sevenfold performs several related styles, including hard rock and metalcore. But mostly, they are considered bright representatives of American heavy metal. The group started with three 18-year-old friends. Today, only the founder, Matthew Charles Sanders, remains from the first line-up.

Meaning and History

Avenged Sevenfold Logo History

The team’s logo appeared in 2001 and remains constant. It consists of a centrally located bat-winged skull surrounded above and below by the band’s name.

The band’s name is quite consistent with the mystical theme inherent in the heavy metal style. It was invented by vocalist M. Shadows, based on biblical texts. Avenged sevenfold means “avenged sevenfold” in translation and points to Cain, the sinful son of Adam, who killed his brother. The phrase speaks of God’s mercy to fallen people since the Almighty promised Cain protection in the form of a sevenfold punishment for anyone who decides to kill him.

What is Avenged sevenfold?

The American rock band was founded in 1999 in California by three 18-year-old musicians. For 23 years, the band received five platinum albums and sold 8 million copies of their records.

Avenged Sevenfold Symbol

In the logo, the phrase demonstrates the idea of ​​forgiveness and purification. At the beginning of their journey, 18-year-old participants were addicted to alcohol, non-standard behavior, and drugs. The name conveyed the youthful belief that even with the most cheeky life, there is a chance for salvation. Later, after their first album Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, the musicians moved away from religious themes. The continuation of the bohemian lifestyle ended with the suicide attempt of Justin Meacham and the death of The Rev drummer (James Sullivan) from an overdose.

The name on the emblem returns to the group’s origins, a youthful outlook on the world, and faith in the best. It is made in capital letters with serifs, reminiscent of the text printed on a typewriter.

In the center of the emblem is an image placed on album covers, musical instruments, T-shirts, and other group attributes – Deathbat (skull and bat wings). It was developed by fellow musicians Mike Monahew and complimented the mystical title. The use of Adam’s head is a type of the fall of mankind and its sinful nature. The wings that raise the skull to heaven and the name of the group carry the idea of ​​​​forgiveness and rebirth.

Separately, the skull and bat are used in one form or another by most rock and heavy metal musicians. In the “heavy” music culture, the skull is associated with death. A bat with magic and the souls of the dead. They add a sense of mysticism, something transcendent, contact with the afterlife. The symbolism of the direction is also unusual, as is the style of execution. In the Avenged sevenfold emblem, Deathbat makes it clear what genre the songs sound in even before listening to the songs.

Font and Colors

Avenged Sevenfold Emblem

The band’s logo is black and white. The tones perfectly convey the idea of ​​the frailty of being. Black symbolizes approaching death, and white symbolizes rebirth and forgiveness, the afterlife.

The lettering font is similar to Fletcher Typewriter Black. At the same time, individual letters have a similarity with various mystical attributes.

  • S resembles a writhing snake.
  • D with an unfinished arc at the top looks like a horn.
  • The letter N in both parts of the name is depicted as “smoking a cigarette,” the smoke from which rises from the lower right corner of the letter in the form of points upwards.

These elements bring the logo to life, making the typeface unique.

Avenged Sevenfold color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C