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Women using brand cosmetics are always surrounded by love and attention. The Babor logo is an example of sophistication and taste. “The company knows a lot about beauty and treats each client individually,” says the emblem.

Babor: Brand overview

Founder:Dr. Michael Babor
Cologne, Germany
Babor is a German cosmetics brand that produces luxury products and natural-based care products. It was founded in 1955 by Dr. Michael Babor, who launched his own patented formulation, a hydrophilic cleansing oil. A year later, its first office was opened in Cologne (Germany). In 1956, the company was bought by the doctor Leo Fosen, who established cosmetics production based on individual recipes. He moved his headquarters to Aachener Ortsteil Eilendorf.

Meaning and History

Babor Symbol

The founder of the trademark named it by his last name and developed the logo, and the new owner did not change it, leaving everything as it is – both the name of the company and the logo. Thus began the march around the world of an innovative manufacturer of premium cosmetics. Today his trademark is known in 70 countries of the world. It features the word “Babor” and a single rose stem.

What is Babor?

Babor – a cosmetics company from Germany. If we talk about the formula with the latest component HY-ÖL, which started it, then it appeared in 1955, and if we consider the launch of work, then it happened in 1956. Its founder is Michael Babor. He was a chemist and established the production of hydrophilic natural cosmetics. The company’s headquarters are located in Aachen.

Babor: Interesting Facts

Babor is a famous skincare brand founded in 1956 in Germany by a chemist named Dr. Michael Babor. It’s known for making good skin care products that mix natural stuff with science.

  1. Started in Germany: Dr. Michael Babor started it in Cologne, and being German means they like to make things precise, innovative, and effective.
  2. A Special Cleanser: In 1955, they made a unique cleanser called HY-ÖL that cleans your skin deeply without drying it out, and it was a big deal back then.
  3. Careful Recipes: Babor has labs combining natural ingredients and science to make products that solve skin problems well.
  4. Fancy Spa Treatments: They also offer super nice spa treatments at Babor spas and hotels, where they use their products to make you feel great.
  5. Lots of Choices: Babor has many different skincare lines, like the Doctor Babor line, which uses ideas from medical research to help fix and improve your skin.
  6. Babor products are available in more than 70 countries, showing that people everywhere like them.
  7. Artistic Collaborations: They collaborate with artists and designers to make their product packaging look special, like little pieces of art you can collect.
  8. Teaching the Pros: Babor teaches estheticians and spa pros how to use their products best, ensuring a great experience.
  9. Helping Others: They do good things for the community, like working with groups that help women and protect the environment.

Babor stands out because it combines science with natural ingredients, cares about doing good globally, and is respected for its luxury skincare.

Font and Colors

Babor Emblem

The combination of text and graphics looks very harmonious: a flower with a high stem is located in the background “O.” He divides it into two identical halves in the form of brackets or arches turned to the side. Above the letter is a rosebud consisting of an inflorescence and petals. The stem tapers downwards and has an oblique pointed cut. This flower was chosen for the emblem as a symbol of eternal beauty, luxurious appearance, and naturalness.

The developer used a classic serif typeface. Capital letters are distinguished by a harmonious combination of round and square shapes. The “O” sign carries a double information load – it denotes the brand name and conveys its concept. The color of the logo is simple – monochrome, in the form of a combination of black symbols on a white background.

Babor color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C