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The BaByliss logo, with its style of writing, hints at the company’s direction. Curled in curlers, the elements of the name promise elastic curls to customers. The emblem shows that everything can be curled with company products, even letters.

BaByliss: Brand overview

Founder:Rene Lelievre, Roger Lemoine
BaByliss is a French company engaged in hair curlers, irons, hairdryers, curlers, and other attributes for hair styling. She entered the beauty industry in 1961, being founded by two hairdressers – Rene Lelievre and Roger Lemoine, who in this way promoted their developments. One of the main business partners, Jean-Pierre Felblum, also did the same. In 1995, the brand was transferred to The Conair Group Ltd.

Meaning and History

BaByliss Symbol

The trademark logo contains the original name, which is believed to be related to the name Brigitte Bardot. This is indicated by two letters, “B.” For almost 60 years of its existence, the logo has not changed.

What is BaByliss?

BaByliss – is a French fashion brand that deals with the production of styling accessories. It was founded in 1961 by Rene Lelievre and Roger Lemoine, who invented the hair curling iron. Their hairdressing partner, Jean-Pierre Felblum, started selling it. Since 1995, the trademark has belonged to the American group Conair. The head office is located in Montrouge (France).

BaByliss: Interesting Facts

BaByliss is a big name in the world of beauty tools.

  1. Started in France: In the 1960s in Paris, a hairstylist named René Lelièvre teamed up with Roger Lemoine to make the first electric curling iron. That’s how BaByliss started.
  2. Creative Tools: They’ve made many cool (oops, interesting) hair tools, like cordless straighteners and curling irons. Their stuff helps you get salon-like looks at home.
  3. Worldwide: BaByliss didn’t stay just in France. Its products are available in over 60 countries, and hair pros and regular folks like them.
  4. Lots of Choices: BaByliss makes more than curling irons. Think hair dryers, straighteners, and even hair cutters. BaByliss keeps developing new gadgets, like the Curl Secret and Big Hair brushes.
  5. Part of Conair: In the late 1990s, Conair, an American company that makes hair care products, bought BaByliss. This helped BaByliss reach even more places around the world.
  6. Pro Line: BaByliss has a special part for hair stylists and barbers, BaBylissPRO. It has extra-strong tools that can handle busy salon days.
  7. Smart Features: Their products have smart tech, like ceramic and titanium, to make styling your hair easier and keep it looking good without damage.
  8. Learning and Training: BaByliss teaches hair stylists new tricks and techniques through workshops and online videos.
  9. Winning Awards: BaByliss has won much praise for its innovative and well-designed products.

In short, BaByliss stands out because it blends smart French design with high-quality, tech-savvy tools that hair professionals and everyday people love to use.

Font and Colors

BaByliss Emblem

The trademark uses a personalized visual identification mark in text format. The logo contains the word “BaByliss,” which is complemented by various elements. Usually, it is the prefix “PRO” for a professional line of instruments, the word “Paris” for the location of the company, or the phrase “Get your look,” which is the brand’s motto.

The word is written in bold italic typeface. Uppercase and lowercase characters are harmoniously combined: both “B” is in uppercase, the rest of the characters are in lowercase. The emblem palette is contrasting: white letters are located on a black background or vice versa – black on white.

BaByliss color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C