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BaByliss Logo

BaByliss Logo
BaByliss Logo PNG

BaByliss is a French company engaged in hair curlers, irons, hairdryers, curlers, and other attributes for hair styling. She entered the beauty industry in 1961, being founded by two hairdressers – Rene Lelievre and Roger Lemoine, who in this way promoted their developments. One of the main business partners, Jean-Pierre Felblum, also did the same. In 1995, the brand was transferred to The Conair Group Ltd.

Meaning and History

BaByliss Symbol

The trademark logo contains the original name, which is believed to be related to the name Brigitte Bardot. This is indicated by two letters, “B.” For almost 60 years of its existence, the logo has not changed.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

BaByliss Emblem

The trademark uses a personalized visual identification mark in text format. The logo contains the word “BaByliss,” which is complemented by various elements. Usually, it is the prefix “PRO” for a professional line of instruments, the word “Paris” for the location of the company, or the phrase “Get your look,” which is the brand’s motto.

The word is written in bold italic typeface. Uppercase and lowercase characters are harmoniously combined: both “B” is in uppercase, the rest of the characters are in lowercase. The emblem palette is contrasting: white letters are located on a black background or vice versa – black on white.