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The Babymetal logo is woven from beauty, youth, and metal. The emblem represents a team of young but experienced and talented schoolgirls. It hints at light, fiery performances with singing and dancing.

Babymetal: Brand overview

Founded:2010 – present
Tokyo, Japan
Babymetal is a female vocal-dance rock group from Japan comprising three teenage members. It was formed as an offshoot of Sakura Gakuin but gained independence in 2013. Musicians from the Kami Band accompany the girls. The group has released four studio and 12 live albums, recording about 20 singles.

Meaning and History

Babymetal Logo History

The group’s emblem appeared at its formation, which is not typical for rock bands, who usually start dealing with their identity towards the first studio album. But Babymetal recorded their debut album only in 2014. The early creation of visual identity is related to the fact that the ensemble was part of a large talent search project Sakura Gakuin, and its promotion immediately began on a serious basis.

What is Babymetal?

A female rock ensemble where the members dance and sing. The group enjoys huge popularity in Japan. The girls’ first single immediately took the third spot on the charts—the debut album – the second. In 7 days, 37 thousand fans bought the album. Currently, Moametal and Su-metal are constantly performing in the group. A third member from The Avengers joins them in turns.

2010 – today

Babymetal Logo

The logo includes symbols of rock, heavy metal, death, and at the same time, love and flight. The band’s name is placed on two levels. The curved edges of the inscription and the sharp, like fangs, extreme symbols hint at the sharp and strong sound of the music.

On either side of the composition are two wings, each composed of four feathers. This design element suggests motion, literally the fluttering around the stage during performances. Audiences derive enjoyment not only from the singing but also from the dance routines. The wings lift the band onto Olympus, indicating success and fortune.

In the upper right is an image of a skull, as the theme of death is one of the characteristics of the rock genre. The inner holes in the letter “B” have been altered to hearts to underscore the songs’ lyrical words and the members’ young age.

The combination of contrasting symbols communicates the unique style of kawaii metal, where the lyrics are closer to lyrical pop themes, and the accompaniment leans towards heavy metal. Babymetal is practically the founder of this genre.

Aside from the wings, the emblem is surrounded by a black outline, making the sign resemble a sticker. This device indicates the group’s cult status, whose symbols teenagers use to decorate their notebooks and lockers. It conveys self-sufficiency and perfection—a well-thought-out, harmonious combination of perfect outfits, graceful movements, and pleasant music.

As he claims, the group’s name came to producer Kobametal in a divine revelation. The name perfectly describes the group’s history, none of whom had any previous familiarity with the metal genre. The word points to a composition of cute girls and the sexual undertone of the word “Baby.”

Font and Colors

On stage, the emblem is lit with bright colors, resembling a shimmering rainbow bird. In print, the image is black and white. The choice of color corresponds to the performers’ black hair and black outfits in the strictly maintained rock style with leather and metal. Small white accents are also necessarily present in the image. The dark shade conveys heavy music and a strong rhythm.

The font of the inscription is unique. The transformed and elongated symbols turn the logo into a flying bird, hinting at an unusual young ensemble with a big future.

Babymetal color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C