BAC Logo


The BAC logo is avant-garde and unusual. The emblem encodes speed, racing tracks, and city roads where you can see a mono mobile. Simple unbending symbols represent strength and reliability.

BAC: Brand overview

Founded:4 March 2009
Founder:Neill Briggs, Ian Briggs
Liverpool, United Kingdom

BAC is a small English manufacturer of racing and road cars for one rider. Only 30 employees are involved in the assembly. The BAC logo adorns the flagship model of the company’s Mono sports car and its modifications, which are sold in 40 countries.

Two brothers, a designer and a constructor combined their talents to create a single sports car. They had impressive experience, as they managed to contribute to the companies Mercedes, Bentley, Ford, Smart, and Maybach as consultants in the development. The result of a family contract is the fastest rear-wheel drive car in the world.

Meaning and History

BAC Logo History

The logo is rather unusual. The sign is one of the few that is not the company’s name. The emblem is stylized as the image of roads. It consists of three black elements. Two straight lines with an inclination to the right and a third, standing straight and having a sharp angular bend to the left.

The eccentricity of the logo corresponds to the image of a sports car, the design of which is inspired by science fiction films about the future. The progressivity of the sign encodes modern manufacturing materials:

  • A tubular steel frame
  • Carbon fiber using graphene and niobium
  • A fuel cell electric motor (in one of the modifications)

What is BAC?

British manufacturer of the unique single-seater Mono sports car. Three main modifications are Ford Duratec, Mountune Racing, and hydrogen fuel cells. Headquarters in Liverpool.

The emphasis on the roads in the sign is made to emphasize the high-speed capabilities of the car. It accelerates to 100 km in less than 3 seconds and rushes at a maximum of 274 km / h. The car has more than ten records in the circles of stock cars.

The combination of rounded and sharp edges betrays streamlined shapes and high-speed movement. The open spaces between the stripes represent an open body. The third element resembles a unit. She reports:

  • there is only one person in the car;
  • In racing, the sports car has no equal; the car is number one.

The third glyph is wider than the first and includes a message about how two brothers came together and created one well-known prosperous company.

Font and Colors

The logo’s main colors are black and white, which matches the car’s design. The combination conveys the style and beauty of a mono mobile, a combination of power and new technologies. Strength and safety are encrypted in black and lightweight (540 kg) in white.

If you look closely, individual letters are distinguishable in the stroke. The last two black elements are similar to image A. The inner white part between the 2nd and 3rd black stripe vaguely resembles the lowercase b. The acronym BAC stands for Briggs Automotive Company and is derived from the names of the founders Neill and Ian Briggs.

The three lines are probably stylized M, the first in the model’s name.

BAC color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C