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The emblem’s perfectly engraved name rises like a cloud of cigar smoke. The Backwoods logo is a catchy, rich mixture of fire and smoke that is a delight to the user.

Backwoods: Brand overview

Founder:Imperial Brands
United States

Backwoods cigars hit the American market in 1973 when the President of the United States banned cigarette advertising. At that time, the public realized the dangers of smoking, so tobacco manufacturers tried in every possible way to regain their lost trust. One of the companies, known as the Imperial Tobacco Group, decided to act more cunning than the rest: it advertised not cigarettes but cigars. Moreover, marketers chose the target audience of people who led an active lifestyle and focused on the product’s naturalness.

Backwoods Smokes have been manufactured at ITG Brands in Greensboro, North Carolina, since 2020. They are very popular among smokers because the manufacturer uses real tobacco leaves and does not add paper and glue to the casing. This is its main advantage, instead of alternative low-cost brands Dutch Masters, White Owls, or Phillies Blunts.

Because of the high quality, Backwoods cigars are common among Rastafarians who prefer “unprocessed” products without chemicals. Adherents of the subculture consider this brand one of the most natural and choose it, despite its high cost. In their opinion, such tobacco products are less harmful to health and destroy the lungs much more slowly than rolling with potentially dangerous chemicals.

When 100% natural cigars became popular, Backwoods Smokes decided to introduce new flavors to the line. He released versions flavored with bourbon, honey, wild berries, rum, grapes, and other additives. Regardless of the type, all tobacco products are packed in special sealed bags to preserve their freshness for a long time. The design looks rustic and fully matches the brand name. It has a Wild West vibe, though none of it reminds me of cowboys.

Meaning and History

Backwoods Logo History

The Backwoods logo fits perfectly with this design because it looks like an old sign. Stylized red letters are placed on a white background and are curved in an arc. By the way, since 1973, this symbol has never changed, which indicates the brand’s commitment to historical traditions.

The Backwoods brand name not only resembles a sign but is also associated with the high quality of tobacco products. And its bright and attractive design makes cigars instantly recognizable and sets them apart from competitors. The logo designers used only the brand name without extraneous graphic elements. However, no additional decor was needed because the word itself is easy to remember. The inscription looks self-sufficient and emphasizes the uniqueness of natural products.

What is Backwoods?

Backwoods is a brand of cigars made from natural tobacco and shaped like elongated cylinders. Their soft aroma is reminiscent of a forest, which is where the name comes from. The brand was founded in 1973 to circumvent the ban on cigarette advertising. Since then, the tobacco product range has expanded significantly, introducing the Backwoods series with various flavors such as Dark Stout, Sweet Aromatic, and Honey Berry.

Backwoods: Interesting Facts

Backwoods cigars are popular for their unique look and taste, and they’ve made a big impact culturally.

  1. Natural Wrapper: They use a natural tobacco leaf for the wrapper, giving them a unique, rustic look and a distinct taste that many smokers love.
  2. History: Launched in 1973 in the US, Backwoods cigars were marketed as rugged, outdoor-type cigars, quickly catching on for their natural appearance.
  3. Flavors: They come in various flavors, such as Honey, Honeyberry, and Sweet Aromatic, attracting a wide range of smokers, including those new to cigars.
  4. Hip-Hop Culture: They’ve become a big part of hip-hop culture, mentioned in songs and seen in videos, which has made them popular with younger crowds.
  5. Blunts: Many roll blunts with Backwoods cigars because their leaf wrapper is strong and flexible. This use has made them especially popular in some circles.
  6. Worldwide Popularity: Backwoods cigars are now sold globally, with different flavors and packaging to meet local tastes and laws.
  7. Collectible Packaging: Some limited edition packages have become collectibles with special flavors and highly sought-after designs.
  8. Online Community: There’s a large online community where Backwoods fans share tips, discuss their favorite flavors, and show off rare packs.
  9. Regulatory Challenges: Like other tobacco products, Backwoods faces criticism and regulation due to health concerns and their use for rolling blunts.
  10. Sponsorships: The brand sponsors outdoor and adventure sports events, sticking to its rugged, adventurous image.

Backwoods cigars are more than just tobacco; they represent a lifestyle and culture with a devoted following that appreciates their distinct qualities.

Font and Colors

Backwoods Emblem

The vintage “rustic” typeface used by the designers was created especially for Backwoods. It is similar to Aka Posse from AkaType, but the shape of the letters is slightly different. The cigar maker has adapted the typeface to its logo by changing the proportions. “B,” “K,” and “S” are stretched down, while the outermost characters are noticeably enlarged compared to the rest. All letters are capitalized, bold, and decorated with short triangular or rectangular serifs.

Backwoods Symbol

Original typography isn’t the only thing that catches your eye. To attract the attention of buyers, the brand owners have made the inscription “BACKWOODS” bright and colorful. The name of the tobacco product is completely red and appears on a white plate with a thin black outline. This color combination creates an advantageous contrast.

Backwoods color codes

Neon RedHex color:#ff311f
RGB:239 49 32
CMYK:0 79 87 6
Pantone:PMS 172 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C