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The Bad Brains logo is menacing and global. The emblem addresses world order and hierarchy issues and speaks of global divine domination. The symbol represents a group that stands for peace and humanism.

Bad Brains: Brand overview

Founded:1976 – 1995, 1998 – present
Founder:Dr. Know, Darryl Jenifer, H.R., Earl Hudson
Washington, D.C., U.S.
Bad Brains is a hardcore punk band from Washington, composed of four African-Americans. The band has broken up and reformed several times due to the frequent arrests of vocalist H.R. Nevertheless, they managed to record ten studio and four live albums. Since 1994, the artists have reunited in their original line-up—H.R., Dr. Know, Darryl Jenifer, Earl Hudson—and have stayed together ever since.

Meaning and History

Bad Brains Logo History

The band’s name serves as its emblem. The main difference between the logos is the style and color scheme. The group’s individuality is conveyed through the handwriting. Pacifist tendencies and religious motifs are represented by light and bright colors. Each emblem was introduced for a new album and used for several years.

What is Bad Brains?

A hardcore collective that started its career in 1977. Known as the “black quartet.” The band took a long time to record a full album – the disk appeared six years after its founding. However, the mix of reggae and punk attracted fans even without records. A unique touch of the band is their high-speed performance. The artists did not make it to the Hall of Fame, even though they were nominated, but they gave connoisseurs nine albums and 45 years of creativity.

1982 – 1983

Bad Brains Logo 1982

The first emblem consists of the name executed in the red, uneven font. Thanks to a double bright yellow and green outline, letters appear to be highlighted. The idea of the emblem belonged to the director of the ROIR label, where the band’s first album was recorded – Bad Brains. Although stylistically, the symbol was more suitable for the second disc – Rock for Light.

The highlighting indicates expression and speed—a distinctive style of the musicians – fast and intense execution of complex motifs.

The band’s name did not come immediately. In 1977, the group was called Mind Power and played jazz. The guys took the name Bad Brains when they decided to change the style of music to rock. The name was chosen for the punk-rock pioneers – the Ramones, who have the song “Bad Brain.”

1986 – 1995

Bad Brains Logo 1986

The logo was designed for the band’s third collection, I Against I, but was also used in 2002. The almost neon yellow letters, written by hand, are placed diagonally, conveying the growing popularity of the artists and their special goals.

The main philosophy of the band was pacifism, non-violence, and humanism. Hence the bright tones of the emblem. In the musicians’ understanding, rock exists to bring light and kindness to people.

The logo also shows the unique falsetto and baritone vocals of frontman H.R. Interestingly, one of the compositions (Sacred Love) for the album was sung by the musician over the phone from jail. Despite the “high” peaceful themes of the songs, H.R. has often shown aggression in life.

1995 – 2002

Bad Brains Logo 1995

The third logo, first appearing on the God of Love album, is also handwritten but in a slightly different style. The clear black outline, representing a sharp divide between good and evil, emphasizes important values. The letters are executed in a gray-white gradient transitioning from silvery at the top to white at the bottom. The technique points to the theme of purification. God cleanses man through suffering, and that is His love.

2002 – 2007

Bad Brains Logo 2002

The band returned to the 1986 logo. The light emblem with yellow letters soaring upwards suited the creative period of the I & I Survived album. Instrumental melodies, which even feature a horn, are much softer than hard rock. And this lightness is demonstrated by the logo.

Returning to the previous logo also indicates that the album has a lot of remixes.

2007 – 2012

Bad Brains Logo

For the first time in 10 years, the band recorded an album with entirely new original songs. Its emblem is very different from the previous ones, as is the content of the tracks. And although the heraldic lion is present in the design of the God of Love cover, it is in Build a Nation that his figure comes to the fore.

The logo image is a certain synthesis of religious themes and reality. The band’s name is in large, stone-like letters, which remain half-destroyed after a fearsome lion, symbolizing the Creator, has passed through them. With one sweep of its tail, it destroys a building. The album’s eponymous song has a patriotic theme and was probably inspired by the September 11 attacks.

The nation-building process promises stability and a peaceful future, advocated by the musicians. Therefore, the emblem and the album title are a kind of call. The drawing reflects the first lines of the composition:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
And to the Republic for which it stands
One nation under Gaod

Font and Colors

The band’s emblems predominantly feature light colors – yellow and white, complemented by black accents. The shades indicate the light content of the songs and biblical themes. They represent light and catchy music.

All the band’s fonts had individual features, and each sign received its style of letters. The inscription of the last logo stands out for its monumentality, pointing to the years dedicated to music.

Bad Brains color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C