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Badger Brewery logo delves deep into history by retaining its main character, the badger, which lends the brand its iconic name. The badger occupies a central position, gracefully residing within a white circle framed by a broad black band. Its right paw rests on the edge of the frame as it turns its head to the right, seemingly peering into forthcoming events. Varied fonts are used for inscriptions on the ring: the first word in Roman with tiny serifs and the second in grotesque. The company’s founding year is divided between the phrases “17” on the left and “77” on the right.

By maintaining its center stage, the badger directly ties into the brand’s history, origins, and recognition. It serves as a nostalgic reminder for long-time fans and offers a point of intrigue for new customers. The creature appears to be looking into the future, subtly signaling the brand’s willingness to innovate while staying true to its roots.

The black-and-white color scheme evokes a timeless appeal. Black represents power and authority, while white represents purity and cleanliness. These colors are also widely accepted as neutral, ensuring they don’t compete with the vibrant colors of the brand’s diverse beverage offerings.

The contrast between Roman and grotesque fonts captures a blend of the classical and the modern, resonating with Badger Brewery’s commitment to quality brewing anchored in tradition yet open to contemporary tastes. The founding year 1777, split into two and placed on either side of the inscriptions, provides a historical context. It’s an unspoken testament to longevity and endurance, emphasizing the brand’s rich past while leaving room to evolve.

The placement of the badger’s paw on the frame’s edge does not go unnoticed. It’s as if the creature invites viewers to look beyond the circle into the broader world of the company’s flavors, traditions, and innovations.

With every detail meticulously crafted, the emblem becomes more than just a logo; it’s a story, a philosophy, and an invitation all in one. It’s a visual narrative capturing the essence of a brand that has lived through centuries yet is still ready and excited for what the future holds. All elements combine to offer a comprehensive experience that aligns with the company’s values and aspirations.

Badger Brewery: Brand overview

Founder:Hall and Woodhouse
Blandford St Mary, Dorset United Kingdom

Initiated in 1777 by Charles Hall in Ansty, Dorset, Badger Brewery has a long and storied past. A significant change occurred in 1847 when Charles Hall’s son joined forces with George Woodhouse, laying the foundations for the enduring Hall & Woodhouse collaboration. Fast forward to 1875, the symbolic badger image debuted, and the establishment earned its colloquial name, “Badger Brewery.”

By the dawn of the 20th century, it was time for a larger, more advanced facility. A replacement brewery was constructed in Blandford St Mary and took its name from the iconic badger emblem. As of today, the enterprise has remained in family hands for more than two centuries and manages a network of over 250 taverns throughout southern England.

The brewery has gained a reputation for its extensive array of time-honored cask ales, such as Fursty Ferret and Tanglefoot. Badger Brewery has revitalized its visual identity in a nod to contemporary trends, featuring a modernized badger symbol and more streamlined packaging. Yet, at its core, the brewery remains committed to its heritage, producing its unique beers in Dorset, fusing time-tested brewing techniques with updated machinery.

Badger Brewery has an enduring legacy dates back to 1777, making it one of England’s oldest still-operating breweries. Rooted in Dorset for over 240 years and steadfastly family-operated, it continues to make its mark in traditional English ales.

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