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The austere style in which the logo of BAE Systems is made has a practical value: it helps to promote the brand and win new markets. Thanks to the right tactics, the British group collaborates with representatives of many countries worldwide.

BAE Systems: Brand overview

Founded:30 November 1999
London, England, UK
BAE Systems is a British corporation representing the defense, aerospace, and military sectors. It is the largest defense contractor, supplying products to Europe, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, India, Canada, and Australia. In terms of revenue for 2021, this company is in seventh place globally. It has existed since 1999 and appeared as a result of the merger of two strategically important structures: Aerospace (an aircraft manufacturer, manufacturer of naval systems and ammunition) and Marconi Electronic Systems (engaged in the production of military complexes). Its headquarters is located in the capital of the United Kingdom – in the city of London.

Meaning and History

BAE Systems Logo History

The companies that laid the foundation for BAE Systems were great strategic and economic importance to England. Therefore, it is considered the successor to the most famous British platforms that have released a lot of innovative warships, airliners, and defense electronics. They own the world’s first VTOL short vertical takeoff/landing aircraft, the first Concorde supersonic airliner, the first Comet commercial jet, the first Harrier hopping airliner, and the innovative Blue Vixen radar, and much more.

British Aerospace was engaged in the manufacture of military and civil aircraft and defensive ground systems. It was the result of a merger between several British aircraft companies. Marconi Electronic Systems specialized in integrating military systems – both land and sea. Together they formed an advanced structure that raised the country’s defense industry to a new level.

What is BAE Systems?

BAE Systems is a world-famous company that represents the defense industry of the United Kingdom. It is engaged in producing advanced military equipment and supplies it to many countries of the world, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, India, and so on. The corporation arose in 1999 due to the merger of British Aerospace and Marconi Electronic Systems. Its headquarters is located in London.

BAE Systems Symbol

In its development, BAE Systems has replenished with other industry firms. It is a powerful international player whose strategy, products, and identity have not changed since its inception. The company logo is characterized by rigor and minimalism, but at the same time, it looks very bright. This testifies to its pressure in achieving goals, the desire for leadership, and the potential danger to competitors. And direct forms speak of high professionalism, that everything is accurate and honest with her.

The visual identity of this corporation is simple and concise. It is a horizontal rectangle – long and wide enough to fit a double name. The distance between the first and second words is minimal – so critical that if the designers moved them a little closer, they would merge. This impression is created due to the wide intraletter space.

The characters in the inscription are capital and bold, consisting of massive stripes. The height of the letters is the same everywhere, which equalizes the two halves of the name, even though the initial part is half as long. This design approach made it possible to obtain a harmonious balance of form and content. The only decorative element of the logo is color. The text “BAE Systems” is white, and the rectangle is light red. Therefore, it seems that the inscription appears on a contrasting background from the negative space.

Font and Colors

BAE Systems Emblem

The typeface used in the logo is bold, strict, and sans-serif. It resembles TeeFranklin Heavy sans serif by Suomi Type Foundry, Franklin Gothic Raw Heavy by Wiescher-Design, and Plymouth Serial Black by SoftMaker. The colors of the BAE Systems emblem are monotonous, but they play a big role in reflecting its concept. It is a combination of bright red and white.

BAE Systems color codes

ScarletHex color:#ff0033
RGB:255 0 51
CMYK:0 100 80 0
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C