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The Baidu logo speaks of Internet-friendly programs. The company is engaged in the development of digital technologies and the creation of products for the network. As seen on the emblem, a special place is occupied by artificial intelligence.

Baidu: Brand overview

Founded:January 1, 2000
Founder:Robin Li, Eric Xu
Beijing, China
Baidu is a Chinese high-tech company that focuses on Internet services and digital products based on artificial intelligence. It is usually associated with the search engine of the same name. It also has a mapping service, encyclopedia, cloud storage, personal assistant, video clips and clips portal, and discussion service in the form of a forum with key queries. Almost all of its profits (98%) come from the domestic market – this IT firm is almost unknown abroad. The holding company was registered in early 2000 in the Cayman Islands. Its founders are Robin Li and Eric Xu. The head office is located in the capital of China – Beijing.

Meaning and History

Baidu Logo History

The basis for the appearance of this service was an early search service called RankDex. Its developer was Robin Li, who at the time represented IDD. He had released the program long before Baidu came along, so we can confidently talk about its continuity. For example, the foundation was introduced in 1996. Now it is the largest platform, which includes 57 types of services.

It all started with an algorithm for ranking sites, ranking the search pages offered by the systems. The programmer, first of all, patented his technology in the United States and only then proceeded to the realization of his idea. His novelty was the first search engine that used hyperlinks to determine the level of indexed sites.

The author called the search engine a “link analyzer” and gave the order of the web resources by popularity: it considered how many other sites referred to it. The technology was called PageRank. By the way, something similar appeared on Google only two years later (in 1998). The key advertising product is Baidu Tuiguang which is similar to Google Ads. It pays for each click on the advertising line.

Despite its wide domestic popularity, this search engine has failed to go beyond its country’s borders. Therefore the administration decided to translate all the functionality and management tools of the site into English. The original language is also present in the digital company’s modern identity, showing the service’s country of origin and the main coverage area. It has two emblems, which are very similar to each other.

What is Baidu?

Baidu is a Chinese holding company, which includes a firm of the same name, engaged in artificial intelligence, Internet services, and various digital products. It is also the name of a search engine. The place of incorporation of the company is the Cayman Islands. The time of its emergence is 2000. The founders are Robin Li and Eric Xu. Headquarters is located in Beijing (China).

2000 – 2004

Baidu Logo 2000

Baidu’s debut logo features the paw print of a dog – as a hint that the user has chosen the right search strategy and is on the right path to the goal. It is a graphic part of the visual identity of the Chinese company. The footprint is very large shaped, with oval elements and a white inscription inside. To the left of it is placed the first component of the name of the Internet service – “Bai.” And the second (“du”) is located in a paw print. The beginning of the text is in the grotesque red font; the end is in thin white lettering.

2004 – today

Baidu Logo

The current logo is, in fact, the previous version with minor changes in the text part. Thus, the emblem has an inscription in Chinese – two complex characters in red, in tone with the English word “Bai.” Its designers also slightly transformed it: they reduced the width of the feet of all the letters and generally replaced the font with a more compact typeface. The same happened with the second part of the service name, located in the center of the dog’s footprint – it now has a completely different style.

Font and Colors

Baidu Emblem

At first, the text was only on the left side of the dog’s paw print, but the developers added another inscription on the right in the second version. This visually balanced the Baidu logo and gave the next high conceptual meaning: find everything you can, take the right direction, find what you need. This thought occurred after the most popular product of the IT company among Chinese users was its search engine. It is worth noting that the name of the holding, which has passed into the emblem, means “a hundred times” or “many times” or “countless times. It was borrowed from the poem “Green Jade Table in The Lantern Festival” by Xin Qiji.

For the debut logo, the designers chose two fonts; the first one used for “Bai” reminds Incite Regular. The second one, with the morpheme “du,” looks like the DelargoDTPro SemiBold typeface. The lettering is now typed in the analogous Encode Sans Wide Bold with some modifications.

Baidu Symbol

The accent color in the signature palette is red (code #DE0F17). It is considered the most popular shade in China and adorns the national flag. According to Hex gradation, the second most important color is deep blue, which corresponds to shade #2529D8. White is used as the background.

Baidu color codes

Maximum RedHex color:#de0f17
RGB:222 15 23
CMYK:0 93 30 13
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
BlueHex color:#2529d8
RGB:37 41 216
CMYK:83 81 0 15
Pantone:PMS Blue 072 C